How Moodle LMS facilitates autonomy and flexibility to create courses at the College of Pharmacists campuses in Barcelona and Madrid

April 23, 2024 By Barnana Sarkar

The College of Pharmacists manages pharmacist professionals and provides education to a large membership base in its campuses based in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. With a significant staff, the institution prioritises integrating technology to enhance education delivery.

The college has been actively seeking a learning management system (LMS) that not only offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface but also possesses the flexibility to be tailored to their unique requirements. Their main requirements included the accommodation of a significant number of users, allowing both faculty and students to access and use the platform simultaneously without any performance issues. Moreover, they demanded a system, which is scalable, allowing for the addition of new users and courses as the college continues to grow. 

The challenge

When the College of Pharmacists in both the campuses of Barcelona and Madrid considered switching to a new learning management system, they faced challenges due to the limitations of their existing platform. Six managers and over fifty educators utilised the previous LMS for various administrative and educational purposes. However, the college faced significant challenges due to the lack of autonomy and flexibility to develop courses in the system. As a result, they sought a solution that could be easily used by educators and learners.

One of the primary challenges in the transition to a new LMS was the transfer of extensive data, such as student registrations, grades, and certifications, without any loss. This migration posed a daunting task, as any loss or corruption of data could disrupt ongoing education processes and compromise the integrity of past records. The college sought a solution that ensured a seamless transition of crucial data to uphold the continuity and reliability of its educational operations.

The solution

The college assessed various LMSs to address their diverse needs and challenges. The selection process prioritised several key criteria. These included ensuring that the LMS was user-friendly for learners and educators, remained up-to-date with the latest educational innovations and methodologies, and provided autonomy and flexibility for potential transitions to other platforms. Having a partner with expertise and access to a strong suite of continuing education and career development functions was essential. After rigorous evaluation, Moodle LMS turned out to be the optimal choice, as it closely aligned with the college’s must-have criteria.

Opting for Moodle LMS necessitated a strategic collaboration with a trusted partner to facilitate integration and ongoing support. The institute chose to work with 3ipunt, a Moodle Premium Certified Partner, for its proficiency and commitment to excellence. The decision was made because 3ipunt has expertise in managing data migration, troubleshooting challenges, and staying up-to-date with educational innovations. The partnership included addressing daily operational needs and strategising for future developments. 

The college and 3ipunt teamed up to integrate Moodle LMS into their educational ecosystem. They aimed to improve the educational delivery, certification, and career development of their staff and learners by leveraging Moodle’s leadership, autonomy, flexibility, and user-friendly features.

The institute leveraged Moodle LMS to provide a flexible experience to its members and learners. Source: 3ipunt | The College of Pharmacists Image
The institute leveraged Moodle LMS to provide a flexible experience to its members and learners. Source: 3ipunt | The College of Pharmacists

The result

The College of Pharmacists in Barcelona and Madrid achieved promising outcomes across various metrics with the implementation of Moodle LMS. Courses, particularly paid ones, achieved exceptional completion rates, with over 90% of participants successfully finishing their coursework. Free courses also boasted commendable completion rates, exceeding 60%. This achievement was notable, given the enrollment of more than 6,500 students annually, demonstrating the flexibility of Moodle LMS in accommodating a large volume of learners.

The college successfully managed courses with over 500 participants. Surveys conducted among course participants revealed high levels of satisfaction, scoring an impressive 9.5 out of 10 and an overall satisfaction rating of 8.5 out of 10. These positive ratings underscore the user-friendly nature of Moodle LMS and its effectiveness in meeting the educational needs of diverse learners.

The adoption of Moodle LMS also paved the way for new opportunities in education delivery and engagement. Features such as gamification, career development tools, and mobile learning capabilities have enriched the learning experience, enhancing student engagement and retention. Improved communication channels between learners and instructors have fostered a more interactive and supportive learning environment. As a result, the college improved its educational offerings and supported the professional growth of its members.

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