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Moodle’s powerful, flexible and customisable learning management system helps you deliver effective corporate training and professional development, and share knowledge across your organisation.

Effective learning solution for training and development

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Hear how the Community Legal Centre is using Moodle for their staff learning and development.

Moodle user testimonial

Lee Collis – Workplace Consultant
Community Legal Centre WA

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A strategic LMS choice for your organisation

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Moodle is free to download, making it a cost-effective solution or tap into support from over 80 Certified Moodle Partners for a more tailored learning platform.

Collaborative and engaging experience

Moodle is constantly updated with new features and these functionalities allow for a more collaborative and gamified learning approach.

Flexibility & Integrations

As an open-source platform, Moodle easily integrates with and complements your existing workplace software solutions, such as Xero, Salesforce and more.

Data-driven decisions

Moodle Analytics allow you to track compliance, course completions, and competencies which is valuable when considering employees for promotions or succession planning in general

Online and offline learning

With more learning happening via mobile devices, Moodle’s focus on the mobile app supports employees in the workplace to learn wherever, whenever at the touch of a button.

Got a question on how to implement Moodle for your workplace?

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