Moodle Certified Integrations

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Powerful, trustworthy add-ons to extend your e-learning ecosystem

Certified Moodle Integrations are add-ons that you can easily install to your Moodle platform to further enhance its functionality. No two organisations have the same needs, so at Moodle HQ we select solutions and tools that provide extra features and integrate seamlessly with our platform in a smooth and straightforward way.

Our Moodle Certified Integrations

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An open source web conferencing solution for online learning that provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat and screen.

A video assessment solution that enables experiential learning, soft skills development and peer-to-peer learning.

A premier reporting and analytics tool that makes learning data easy to visualise, understand and leverage.

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SimCheck provides users with access to an intuitive Similarity Report, providing text matches and an indicative similarity score that enables instructors to confidently check for potential plagiarism and promote academic integrity.

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