Transfer your Moodle data easily and safely

Transfer your Moodle data easily and safely

Making sure your data is correctly synchronised within your different applications is of great importance to ensure productivity and efficiency. Myddleware is an open-source data integration tool that enables you to smoothly transfer your data between your Moodle application and your other applications, such as your e-commerce, CRM, messagings tools and many more.

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Data Synchronisation

Undertake complex data integration operations without a single line of code.

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E-commerce and CRM welcomed

Myddleware integrates with your e-commerce, your CRM, and your other applications, increasing your productivity.

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Deal with your Moodle data smoothly with Myddleware‘s freshly rebuilt interface.

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Make it your own by selecting, transforming and sending your data to and from Moodle.

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Open source

This software draws on the power of open source to offer a free solution that meets your individual needs.

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Data hosting

You are free to install Myddleware on a server of your choice.

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