Become a Moodle Certified Service Provider

Showcase your expertise and grow your business with the world’s most customisable and trusted online learning solution.

The Certified Service Provider Program


Providing expertise in customisations, hosting, support and training, Moodle Certified Service Providers take a lead role in assisting institutions and organisations transition to, or upscale, their Moodle online learning platforms.

We foster a collaborative culture with our network of partners and services providers that prioritises relationships, provides the right tools and encourages input and feedback on key issues. Without our Certified Service Providers, Moodle’s growth and reach would not have the same global impact it has today.

Join the Moodle Certified Service Provider Network


Moodle has four Certified Service Provider categories including Moodle Certified Resellers, Moodle Certified Partners, Moodle Certified Premium Partners and Moodle Certified Integration. Each offers clear and differentiated paths allowing you to leverage pricing and benefits, access to Moodle HQ’s team and obtain ongoing support and visibility. Only Moodle Certified Partners have access to the Moodle Education Certification Program and Premium Moodle App while Moodle Certified Premium Partners have access to Moodle Workplace.

To become a Moodle Certified Partner, Reseller or Certified Integration , you must be certified by our exacting standards in customer service and technical capability.

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Moodle Reseller

Establish a recurring revenue stream by promoting, selling and supporting Moodle products and services.

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Moodle Certified Partner

Do you have Moodle based expertise in hosting, integration, customisation, support, consulting, implementation , reporting, course design, themes or training? Become a Moodle Certified Partner to increase your visibility and gain more exposure to potential clients.

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Certified Integration

Have a great solution that integrates with Moodle? We will help you grow your client base.