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Our values describe the heart of Moodle and the broader Moodle community. They reflect who we are, what we look for in our people and they guide our decision making as an organisation.



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Education is the foundation of making the world a better place.
We are always learning, improving how we learn, and seeing the education potential in every situation.



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We strive to be open in our goals, our tools, our processes and our results, as much as is practical.
We encourage team members and our community to communicate freely both internally and externally. We promote accessibility and embrace international cultures across all our products.



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We treat everyone with respect and sensitivity, recognising the importance of their contributions: team members, customers, partners, suppliers and competitors.



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We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take.



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We encourage a progressive culture of data-driven experimentation and research, where entrepreneurship and prudent risk-taking are encouraged, rewarded and incorporated.

Global Project@2x

A global project

Moodle is the world’s most customisable and trusted online learning solution. The heart of our ecosystem is Moodle LMS, the open source learning management system used by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide.

Open Source@2x

Open source

Moodle LMS (and associated projects such as Moodle Apps and MoodleNet), is licensed in a way that allows anyone to download the entire software for free, to change how it works by writing new code, to add features to it or to resolve a fault. Open source also designates a broader set of values and benefits.

Open Education@2x

Open education - breaking down barriers

The principle of knowledge sharing and collaboration has always underpinned education and we are strong supporters of the wider open education movement as central to the future of education.

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Moodle is a Certified B Corporation

Moodle is an official Certified B Corporation and part of a global community of mission-driven companies dedicated to using business as a force for good.

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