About us

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Moodle is the world’s open source learning platform that allows educators to create a private space online and easily build courses and activities with flexible software tools for collaborative online learning.

Our Mission

Empowering educators to improve our world

Our Values

Our core values perfectly describe what is at the heart of the Moodle organisation. It is who we are and what we look for in our people.


We understand that education is the foundation of making the world a better place. We are always learning, improving how we learn, and helping those around us to learn and teach.


We strive to be open in our goals, our tools, our processes and our results, as much as is practical. We encourage team members and our community to communicate freely both internally and externally. We promote accessibility and embrace international cultures across all our products.


We treat everyone with respect and sensitivity, recognising the importance of their contributions: team members, customers, partners, suppliers and competitors.


We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take.


We encourage a progressive culture of data driven experimentation and research, where entrepreneurship and prudent risk taking are encouraged, rewarded and incorporated.

Our Values

Our core values perfectly describe what is at the heart of the Moodle organisation. It is who we are and what we look for in our people.

Why we love open source?

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Moodle is open source software, meaning you can freely download the source code, read it, tweak it, rewrite it, compile it, and use it without questions asked.

Open source software is free to use, and is a big part of why people love and use Moodle. We don’t just enjoy using open source software, we love creating it and contributing back to the community.


Control over how it’s used. You’re not tied into any commercial restrictions. You can use all of it, some of it, in any type of environment.

Ease of access

Anyone can test the full versions of open-source software. No “try before you buy” or time limits.

Value for money

Because it’s free! While servers and admins need financing, open-source software itself comes at no cost.

Relevance to the users

Open-source software, developed to meet a need, always keeps in mind those who use it, rather than focusing on potential commercial benefits.

Opportunities for creativity

Open source software can be further developed and enhanced by anyone.


Open-source software programs typically have huge global communities behind them, improving features and fixing bugs. Moodle is no exception.

Meet our team

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Moodle was first released as an open-source platform in 2001. Today it is empowering millions of educators and learners in every country to change our world and make it a better place.

Our open source project is managed by a dedicated team at Moodle HQ with a head office in Perth (Australia), a second office in Barcelona (Spain) and satellite offices around the world. Being an open source project, Moodle is a collaborative effort and is supported by a strong global community of users, developers, educators, administrators, certified Moodle Partners and people who love our learning platform and values.

Where you can find us?

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