Moodle solutions for vocational training


Moodle LMS, the open source learning management system with inherent security and privacy features used by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide, is your end-to-end learning platform for vocational training.

Create engaging online learning spaces

Moodle LMS allows trainers, instructors and facilitators to create safe, accessible, flexible and highly engaging online spaces for learners.

Why Moodle LMS for vocational training?


Open Source

You’re in control. From downloading Moodle LMS for free; to data ownership, privacy and security; to setting up the look & feel of your Moodle site and adding extra functionality to it through plugins or certified integrations. Open source means you own your Moodle site and decide what happens on your platform.


Flexible Learning

Moodle was designed for ultimate flexibility. A pedagogical toolbox designed from a social constructionist point of view that empowers you to build your own education platform to teach the way you want, to any number of learners.


Mobile Learning

Moodle App improves the experience of Moodle LMS on touch screen devices and allows the use of Moodle in many environments where learners don’t have computers or only poor internet connections.


Accessible for all

Moodle LMS is WCAG 2.1 compliant. Our integrated content accessibility checkers also help you build courses that accomodate all learners.


Security & Privacy

Moodle’s development practices include security by design, and as an open source project Moodle LMS enables you to have complete control over your data to meet your local legislation requirements, including GDPR compliance.


Easy Integration

Moodle LMS connects seamlessly with third-party platforms and services; from plagiarism detection to content repositories. We follow Open Standards like SCORM and AICC, IMS-LTI for external apps, RSS, LDAP, and have signed the Standards First Pledge.

Want to get Moodle LMS for vocational training?


    MoodleCloud is designed for organisations who want to utilise our Moodle LMS without code-level customisations and integrations.

    Check out our MoodleCloud site plans.

    If you're interested in our Moodle App, please check out our Moodle App page for more information.

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    What’s new in Moodle 3.11


    Moodle regularly upgrades with new and improved features, including improvements to the user interface, admin experience, user-requested features, any necessary security patches, and more.

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