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Explore the features and capabilities of Moodle LMS, our open source, secure and scalable eLearning platform.

Fully customisable for your online learning needs

Create a rich learning experience for your learners by incorporating and arranging a wide array of resources and activities into engaging online courses.
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Complete ownership and control

As an open source platform, you have control of everything from data privacy and security to your site’s functionality.  Plus, our network of Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers can ensure a scalable, reliable and resilient Moodle site with enhanced security and data protection.

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Give it your own look and feel

Add your own brand colours and logo with custom themes.

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Easy add-ons

Moodle Certified Integrations are powerful and trustworthy add-ons that will extend your online learning ecosystem. Plus, we have more than 2,000 open source plugins that extend our platform. 

Accessible for all

Whether you want to implement a fully remote or blended learning approach, Moodle LMS has a huge range of resources and activities to engage and accommodate different learning styles. Moodle versions 3.10 and 3.11 are both WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, with Moodle 4.0 soon to be certified as well.
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Focus on accessibility

Moodle LMS’ Atto Text Editor and integrated Brickfield Accessibility Starter Toolkit automatically analyses your courses and checks all content to identify any accessibility issues and provide recommendations.

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Translated into 140+ languages

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Mobile learning

Access content and submit activities and assignments on the go or offline with the Moodle App.

Teach, learn and manage everything in one place

Streamline the way your educational institution delivers online learning. From managing enrollments to creating learning plans and grading work, Moodle LMS has all the essential tools you need to teach your courses online.
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Measure & manage learner progress

Record grades and achievements with Gradebook.

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Competencies and learning plans

Import or manually create competency frameworks and assign learning plans to individuals or groups of learners.

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Create social online learning experiences

Foster collaborative learning with Web Conferencing, Forums and Assignments; enable peer review in Workshops and self reflection in Blogs; and keep learners updated with Calendar, Messaging and Notifications.

Reward & recognise learners Image

Reward & recognise learners

Celebrate achievements with Badges and Certificates.

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Inform teaching decisions

Get custom reports to analyse & improve your courses.

Teach in safe and secure online spaces

Teach online with the confidence that your systems and data are protected. Developed through a ‘security by design’ approach and supported by our global security community, our open source LMS leads the pack when it comes to online safety, security and data privacy.
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Always-on security

Moodle LMS is continuously tested and monitored through our security program with Bugcrowd. This ensures that any bugs are detected and fixed quickly, reducing the impact of vulnerabilities and security breaches.

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Full data control and transparency

Control where and how your data is used and stored. Need expert assistance? Our network of Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers can ensure a scalable, reliable and resilient Moodle site with enhanced security and data protection.

Achieve privacy compliance Image

Achieve privacy compliance

Configure Moodle to meet local privacy & GDPR obligations.

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Committed to privacy

Use built-in tools to manage privacy and site policies, age-of-consent checks, data requests and more.

Moodle 4 is here

Explore our latest release

Find out how our latest release makes it easier for educators or trainers to create and edit courses and for learners to reduce distractions and prioritise course work.
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Is there a demo available?

Try out Moodle on our demo site or experiment with a blank site. You can also sign up for a free trial of MoodleCloud to experience Moodle’s top features on your own private site.

Where can I get free Moodle training?

We offer free courses for administrators, educators and instructors to learn how to get started with Moodle.

How do I configure my Moodle site?

All the documentation you need to get started is on Moodle Docs. We also have a community forum with common installation and upgrade queries that you may find useful.

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