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Personalised content in your learners' pocket

At Moodle we strive to deliver quality education worldwide and we are proud to deliver learning to people who might not have regular internet access. Our Moodle Apps extend your teaching and learning to on-the-go when and where you need it, even offline.

Using the Moodle Apps, learners can access education and training activities instantly from anywhere. Everything the user does offline in the app is automatically synchronised when connected, so the learning journey is always available across your devices.

Here are some of the Moodle App features and benefits:

Flexible learning

Your learners can access materials, submit assignments and quizzes, play SCORM packages, check deadlines and participate in course activities anywhere, on any device.

Mobile notifications

Notify learners of upcoming deadlines, important announcements or private messages with notifications that pop up on their mobile devices that they will not miss.

Offline learning

Allow your learners to download materials for offline access, attempt quizzes and activities and submit assignments offline – everything will sync when their devices are back online.

In-app communication

Your learners can send private messages, participate in group chats or in forums wherever they are.

Branded App

Capitalise on your own brand

Customise the look and name of your app to match your organisation or your online campus to give your learners a seamless learning experience that reflects the quality of your institution.

Branded App

Streamlined onboarding

Give your learners direct and easy access to the content they need. Once your learners download your custom app, they simply log in and continue to learn from their mobile device.

Branded App

Advanced privacy

Provide GDPR-compliant protection for your learners’ privacy with your own separate hosting space for push notifications for your site, in both iOS and Android.

Branded App

Access user engagement analytics

Get insights into how your learners’ mobile learning experience: where and when they access your app, how they interact with notifications or which courses and resources they spend more time on.

Enjoy offline learning

Download materials for offline access and attempt offline quizzes and activities or submit assignments offline.

Check upcoming deadlines

View and sort your due activities or quizzes by date or by course.

Keep up to date

Receive instant notification of private messages, forum posts, calendar events and assignment submissions.

Learn anywhere, any time

Access your teaching and learning material and submit quizzes and assignments anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Capitalise on your own brand - Branded App

Your unique app with your own name, icon, splash screen and branded colours, as well as your own support URL. Your learners are connected with your organisation.

Seamless discovery and onboarding - Branded App

Streamlined onboarding with direct access to your content. Your learners install your app and login with their credentials to continue their learning from their mobile devices.

Advanced notifications & hosting - Branded App

Separate hosting space in Moodle’s GDPR compliant push notifications infrastructure for your site in both iOS and Android.

Access learner engagement analytics - Branded App

Get insights into how your learners use your app with personalised access to mobile engagement data to inform effectiveness of your teaching.

Download the free Moodle App

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If you are already using the Moodle LMS and know the web address of your Moodle site, you can access your courses with our Moodle app on your mobile device. Download and install the standard free app now.

Download the free Desktop App

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If you are already using the Moodle LMS and know the web address of your Moodle site, you can access your courses from our desktop app . Download and install the standard free app now.

Extend your organisation's brand and simplify the journey for your learners

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You can now engage with your learners in a memorable way by getting your Moodle App with your own branding. This ensures that learners’ can easily identify their organisation’s Moodle app when searching for it in the App store or Google play.


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