How Universidad de Burgos maintained the academic integrity of their courses with Moodle LMS

April 22, 2024 By Barnana Sarkar

Located on the campus of San Amaro, the Universidad de Burgos stands as a model of adaptability and innovation, particularly in its commitment to providing quality education through online platforms. With over 10,000 students and more than 40 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the university is committed to academic excellence and nurturing talent.

Currently, with over 15% of its student body enrolled in online programs, Universidad de Burgos has demonstrated its responsiveness to the evolving educational landscape. However, the transition to online learning has created a need to maintain academic integrity. It is crucial for university administrators, trainers, and educators to ensure the credibility and authenticity of assessments and coursework.

The challenge

Although the shift towards online evaluation aligns with the university’s commitment to innovation and accessibility, it has also raised concerns among faculty regarding the potential for academic dishonesty.

Faculty members expressed concern that online testing may encourage cheating and compromise the credibility of assessments. Addressing these concerns became crucial to maintaining the integrity of online assessments. Moreover, the success or failure of the online degree programs hinged largely on faculty acceptance and participation. Without educators’ confidence in the integrity of online assessments, the viability of the entire endeavour was called into question.

The university acknowledged the need to equip faculty with effective tools and strategies to prevent dishonesty and maintain academic standards.

The solution

To address faculty concerns and meet the requirements of quality agencies, Universidad de Burgos collaborated with Moodle Certified Integration SMOWL to ensure the integrity of online assessments. This partnership offered an effective solution that ensured the integrity of student tests. It met the standards set by quality agencies and addressed the demands of professors.

Since 2011, the university has relied on Moodle LMS to deliver online education. The university also identified three key reasons for continuing to leverage Moodle LMS. Firstly, by utilising Moodle LMS, the university aimed to improve the overall user experience for both faculty and students. The platform’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features streamline the learning process, making it easier for users to navigate and engage with course materials.

Secondly, Moodle LMS facilitates the evaluation process by providing tools and functionalities that automate and streamline assessment tasks. Features such as online grading, automated feedback, and customisable assessment formats enhance efficiency and accuracy, enabling faculty to evaluate student performance effectively.

Leveraging Moodle LMS, in collaboration with SMOWL, provided the university with the right set of tools to offer comprehensive evaluation methods that go beyond traditional assessments. The platform supports diverse assessment formats, including quizzes, assignments, forums, and interactive activities, enabling faculty to create engaging and immersive learning experiences. This comprehensive approach to evaluation enhances learning outcomes and provides students with valuable opportunities for skill development and knowledge acquisition.

The result

The Universidad de Burgos has successfully incorporated Moodle LMS into its official Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, which is a remarkable step in the field of online education. According to data collected by SMOWL in 2023 and provided by the university, nearly 75% of students enrolled in online programs primarily to enhance their job prospects. The same study also mentioned that 21% of students value eLearning programs since they save them travel time and costs, highlighting the importance of accessibility. 

The university is determined to offer equal educational opportunities to everyone, irrespective of their location or circumstances. This commitment serves as a driving force for the institute to maintain absolute integrity in providing online education and online assessment. To achieve a high-quality online education, it was essential to implement effective online evaluation strategies such as remote proctoring.

The institute has overcome geographical barriers and catered to diverse learning needs by enabling assessment from any location and providing 100% online training. This validation process has enhanced the credibility of online degrees, assuring quality agencies about the integrity of the assessment process. 

In addition, the collaborative partnership between the university and SMOWL, along with Moodle LMS, began with the inception of online degree programs and has resulted in tangible benefits for safeguarding the integrity of online assessments. The institute has been able to prevent fraudulent activities during online assessments through the use of SMOWL’s technology, ensuring a fair and secure environment for all users. 

Learn more about Moodle Certified Integration SMOWL. If you also want to know more about how you can enhance the credibility of online assessments, visit our page on Moodle and proctoring.

Learn about maintaining academic integrity with Moodle LMS

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