Experience secure assessment with Moodle Certified Integration SMOWL

August 23, 2023 By Barnana Sarkar

We are delighted to announce our latest Moodle Certified Integration SMOWL, a reliable online proctoring software by Smowltech

SMOWL helps educators and trainers ‌monitor and supervise learners during their assessments, ensuring integrity by preventing fraud, and enhancing the user experience.

Creating a reliable Moodle evaluation platform

Bringing SMOWL onboard as a Moodle Certified Integration reflects the commitment to increasing the security and credibility of assessments run on Moodle. Through this integration, evaluating learners’ performance will gain an extra layer of protection where the proctoring solution levels the playing field for all participants. Adhering to privacy protocols, including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts (FERPA), reinforces the confidentiality of student data and the authenticity of their academic accomplishments.  

The integration of SMOWL technology into Moodle makes it possible to configure and manage online proctoring quickly and easily while saving money on travel, infrastructure, and documentation. The software also provides advanced proctoring capabilities, such as continuous monitoring and detection of unauthorised actions, AI, and virtual machine detections. SMOWL’s integration with Moodle is an important step in streamlining the management of exams, improving security, and making sure academic success is genuine.

Ricardo Vea, Founder and CEO of Smowltech, says, “At Smowltech, we are proud to be recognised as a Moodle Certified Integration. Our advanced proctoring solution, SMOWL, seamlessly integrates with Moodle, ensuring secure, fraud-free digital assessments. Our commitment to society drives us to achieve a world with access to quality and sustainable education. As an open-source platform, Moodle’s social impact aligns perfectly with our mission to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Together, we drive academic success and integrity in the digital learning landscape.” 

Learn more on SMOWL’s Certified Integration page.

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