Moodle earns new G2 badges for Winter 2024: Recognised as Leader in multiple categories

January 29, 2024 By Barnana Sarkar

We are pleased to announce that Moodle has earned the title of Leader in four key regions—EMEA, India, Asia, and Asia Pacific for the G2 Winter 2024 badges. G2’s Winter 2024 report presents an extensive overview of 17,808 software products and services across 1,140 categories. Within this expansive digital landscape, the accolades reinforce Moodle’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the EdTech industry.

New segments and noteworthy achievements

This season, Moodle stands out with new badges in two significant segments: Best Meets Requirements (Enterprise) and Users Most Likely to Recommend (Mid Market). 

The Best Meets Requirements (Enterprise) badge indicates the platform’s exceptional performance in meeting user needs, reflecting high customer satisfaction and the product’s strong market presence. Similarly, the Users Most Likely to Recommend (Mid Market) badge demonstrates its customer trust and perceived value, showcasing Moodle’s impact and user advocacy in the EdTech sector.

It is also worth mentioning that Moodle has been recognised as a leader in two different categories: Learning Management Systems (LMS) in Asia Pacific and Ethics and Compliance Management in EMEA. Moodle’s dual leadership recognition signifies its expertise, spanning compliance-oriented learning content delivery, precise certification tracking, and adept management of courses and internal policies. It excels in providing educators with a rich platform for seamless online course delivery, facilitating assignment distribution and grading, and efficiently administering digital assessments. These accolades underscore Moodle’s comprehensive proficiency in both educational and compliance-focused domains.

Continuous success in the Corporate LMS category

When it comes to Corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS), Moodle has consistently earned prestigious accolades such as Highest User Adoption, Best Estimated ROI, Easiest Set-up, and Easiest Admin. This year, Moodle has been declared a Leader in the Corporate LMS category.

Here are all the badges that Moodle earned in different categories in the Winter 2024 segment. 

Declared Winner:

  • Training Management Systems
    • 2024 Users Most Likely to Recommend
    • 2024 Best Meets Requirements for Enterprise
  • Ethics and Compliance Learning
    • 2024 Highest User Adoption for Small Businesses
  • Corporate LMS
    • 2024 Highest User Adoption for Mid-Market
    • 2024 Easiest Setup Enterprise
    • 2024 Easiest Admin Enterprise
    • 2024 Best Estimated ROI for Enterprise

Rewarded Leader Badge:

  • Learning Management Systems
    • 2024 Momentum Leader
    • 2024 Leader
    • 2024 Leader India
    • 2024 Leader Asia Pacific
    • 2024 Leader Asia
  • Corporate LMS
    • 2024 Leader
  • Ethics and Compliance Learning
    • 2024 Leader EMEA
    • 2024 Leader Enterprise
    • 2024 Momentum Leader

If you want to learn more about Moodle’s G2 badges and explore further the platform’s accomplishments, you can visit our G2 profile. Your insights play a crucial role in the continuous enhancement of our solutions and our commitment to delivering an exceptional learning experience. And don’t forget to check out all our achievements on our awards page!