On-premise LMS for higher education in India

Developed by Moodle India, CobaltLMS is built on top of the Moodle LMS to meet the needs of Indian higher education institutions.

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What is CobaltLMS ?

An integrated eLearning solution

Flexible, secure and customisable, CobaltLMS combines all of the feature-rich activities of  Moodle LMS with advanced features designed to streamline your online learning course delivery and improve learning outcomes.

Key features

Advanced features to streamline your educational programs

Multiple schools and colleges Image

Multiple schools and colleges

Have one LMS instance, but create efficiencies by using it for many institutions or departments with the CobaltLMS multi-tenancy feature.

Admission management Image

Admission management

Create a seamless experience for students and educators, from managing admission to graduation ceremonies, on one LMS platform.

Dashboard Image


Gain insight into your students’ progress with a custom-made personalised dashboard for every role in your institution.

Course library Image

Course library

Streamline your course development through a centralised repository of hundreds of courses.

Class management Image

Class management

Schedule, conduct, and find your courses on one platform with CobaltLMS.

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