Moodle enters into acquisition of eAbyas to deliver services in India

December 1, 2022 By Moodle

We are proud to announce Moodle’s acquisition of eAbyas Info Solutions (eAbyas), a Moodle Certified Partner servicing the EdTech sector across India.  This acquisition provides Moodle entry into one of the largest and fastest growing eLearning markets in the world and represents the first time Indian customers will be able to access a comprehensive range of services directly from Moodle itself.

The eAbyas team join Moodle! CEO and Founder, Sushil Karampuri (front row, left) with the members of the eAbyas team. Image
The eAbyas team join Moodle! CEO and Founder, Sushil Karampuri (front row, left) with the members of the eAbyas team.

The acquisition strengthens Moodle’s growth trajectory and commitment to creating direct relationships with customers.  Alongside its global network of Certified Partners, it accelerates Moodle’s ability to support larger clients through coordinating its global capacity, experience, and resources.


Moodle CEO and Founder, Martin Dougiamas says, “India is a special country to Moodle with a great history of education.  Many institutions around India are already part of the Moodle community, while many others are still exploring how to bring the flexibility of online learning into their practice.  All our Moodle Partners in India have great technical expertise built up over many years, and it felt like the right time for us to work more closely together, both to serve educators better in India and to improve our open-source Moodle technology together for the world.  This is a great step forward for all of us in the Moodle community, and we give a warm welcome to Sushil and all the team at eAbyas!”


India is now one of the largest global EdTech markets driven by the uptake in digital learning, increasing internet access, mobile penetration and a large and growing number of children and young adults in education.  There’s been rapid adoption of learning management platforms across the corporate, higher education and government sectors and as a leading global learning management solution, Moodle reports that India is one of its largest growing markets based on the number of Moodle sites registered.


“India is going through digital transformation with increasing demand for learning online, and Moodle, the most widely used open source learning system, can now extend the reach of learning and training across India. eAbyas team has strong expertise in providing learning solutions to institutes and corporates over the past 12 years, and with this acquisition look forward to extend Moodle LMS services to wide Indian eLearning market, and also contribute to Moodle’ global development and services,” says eAbyas CEO and Founder, Sushil Karampuri.


Moodle’s  Indian services company will harness eAbyas’ strengths in PHP development and deliver customisations, implementation, integrations, hosting, course design, training and support, whether with Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace or any other Moodle product.


“Over the next 6 months we will focus on providing continuity of service to the existing Indian customer base alongside integrating our teams and processes.  We’ll also work towards refining our go-to-market strategy in preparation of an official launch of our Indian operation in 2023,” says Bill Anderson, Moodle’s Global Head of Services.


This acquisition follows the launch of Moodle US last year in 2021, a services company created by the acquisition and merger of three respected Moodle certified partners in the US.  Since its inception, Moodle’s US operations have secured a large-scale contract with the US Army and has rapidly expanded its market share across the workplace learning sector.

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