Announcing the agenda for MoodleMoot Global 2024!

June 18, 2024 By Sonya Trivedi

We are thrilled to announce the working agenda for MoodleMoot Global 2024, set to take place in the vibrant city of Mérida, Mexico, from October 22-24. This year, we received an impressive 160 abstracts from experts worldwide. From these submissions, over 90 presentations and posters have been accepted.

The event will include presentations in Spanish each day, including some Spanish poster presentations on the third day. We are also excited to present over 20 sessions from Moodle HQ, contributions from more than 10 partners, including our platinum sponsor Catalyst IT, and four Certified Integration Partners, with more sponsor presentations expected to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Connect. Ignite. Transform.

At MoodleMoot Global 2024, you’ll get to connect with a global community of learning designers, educators, developers, administrators, and thought leaders. This event will ignite your passion for learning, educating, and training through insightful keynote presentations, interactive sessions, and hands-on workshops. You’ll also have the opportunity to transform your educational practices with the latest insights, technologies, and strategies shared by the best minds in the field.

As you may already know, “Unlocking Human Potential” is the main theme of the event, emphasizing the pivotal role of education in personal and societal development. We recognize education as a collaborative, evolving journey that transcends traditional boundaries, shaping every aspect of our lives.

This year’s MoodleMoot Global will include presentations, workshops, and focus groups to exchange ideas that spark change. We have prepared dedicated tracks for education, government, and workplace professionals and workshops for developers, UX, and Learning Designers.

Don’t forget to join us for the networking drinks and the eagerly awaited Moodle party! Your participation at the conference is key to our global mission of empowering learners everywhere.

Presentation spotlights

This year’s conference will feature an array of insightful presentations. Here is a sneak peek of some of the highlights: 

Scott Anderberg – Day 1 keynote: How Moodle impacts the world
Moodle CEO will kick off the conference with an insightful keynote on the global impact of Moodle.
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Moodle-based Learning Design program at TalTech (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia)
Learn about the shift from a top-down enforcement approach to a personalized Learning Design Program to enhance e-course quality and Moodle proficiency.
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Enhancing learners’ experience with AI: The CENA Project roadmap (University of Montreal)
Discover the ambitious roadmap funded by the Quebec Ministry of Higher Education to integrate AI into Moodle and enhance user experience.
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Moodle facilitates admission exams at ENALLT, UNAM in Mexico
Explore how Moodle was implemented to administer online exams during the pandemic and the future improvements planned.
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A LibreOffice-based Moodle XML import file generator (University of Technology, Jamaica)
Understand the development and application of a tool using LibreOffice Calc to create randomized MoodleXML import files for engineering education.
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Pushing the limits of Moodle as an LTI tool (University of Illinois)
Learn about the configuration of Moodle as an LTI tool integrated into the university’s central LMS to meet campus-wide needs.
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Post-digital learning spaces in rural Peru: Reaching teachers from Low-resource remote communities (University of Edinburgh)
Discover strategies to improve educational access and inclusivity in low-resource environments through post-digital learning spaces.
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Performing code reviews on Moodle plugins (Dan Marsden, Catalyst NZ)
Gain insights into performing technical reviews of Moodle plugins and the process of contributing to the plugins database.
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Key steps for a successful Moodle Workplace implementation (Meritxell, 3iPunt)
Learn about the journey of creating a centralized training platform for the medical sector in Catalonia and beyond.
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Mastering multi-brand complexity with tailored Moodle Workplace tenancy models (Moodle Partner eLeDia Gmbh)
Understand the bespoke multi-tiered hierarchy created for a Germany-based umbrella organization hosting multiple tenants on its Moodle Workplace platform.
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BUEN DATA y Eficacia: Una Alianza para Desbloquear el Potencial Humano a través de Moodle Workplace (Spanish)
Discover how EFICACIA transformed its training and development approach for over 200,000 employees using Moodle Workplace, enhancing safety and compliance across Colombia and LATAM.
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Socios, no proveedores. 15 años con el Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Spanish)
Learn how Banco Ciudad, the official bank of Buenos Aires, partnered with Entornos to implement Moodle and Moodle Workplace, revolutionizing employee training and professional development over the past 15 years.
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We will continue showcasing our inspiring speakers and their exciting topics in the coming days and months. Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to register for the event!

Join us in Mérida!

Don’t miss out on connecting with the vibrant Moodle community, discovering the latest trends, and contributing to the future of education. Check out our preliminary MoodleMoot Global 2024 agenda for more exciting sessions.