A scalable and secure LMS for government

Moodle Workplace is a learning platform for public sector organizations and Federal agencies. Deliver the right training, anywhere and anytime, all while meeting regulatory and compliance standards.

Keep information safe and secure

Leverage a learning management system (LMS) that embraces a security mindset in all development to deploy a secure, reliable, and scalable learning platform. Moodle maintains high standards for security and data privacy, including the SOC 2 Type 2 compliance standard in the United States.

Our privacy and security features ensure privacy, compliance, and control over infrastructure and data, no matter the size of your organization.

Keep information safe and secure
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Moodle is currently involved in Moodle Workplace deployments for a number of U.S. federal agencies.
1 million+ Users for the U.S. Air Force
0 million+
Users for the U.S. Air Force
2 million+ Users for the U.S. Army
0 million+
Users for the U.S. Army
250000+ Users for the U.S. Marine Corps
Users for the U.S. Marine Corps
100000+ Users for the U.S. Coast Guard
Users for the U.S. Coast Guard

Empower your government workforce with Moodle

Moodle Workplace is a flexible and secure enterprise learning management platform that streamlines employee learning, onboarding, and compliance training. Designed for flexibility, it can be customized for an organization’s size, structure, and needs while delivering data security and protection, and integrating seamlessly with your existing software ecosystem.
Improve employee skills and modernize on-the-job training Image

Improve employee skills and modernize on-the-job training

Make sure staff is always equipped to solve evolving challenges. A government LMS can provide targeted training programs for different roles and departments, reducing the cost of training and improving efficiency.  

  • Create course programs to standardize on-the-job training for every role
  • Manage career development by tracking participant learning experiences over time
  • Improve staff engagement and retention with a commitment to professional development and skills-building
Never fall behind on compliance or competency training Image

Never fall behind on compliance or competency training

Make sure you’re always up to date with compliance with powerful testing, assessment, and competency management. Moodle acts as a centralized hub for managing and tracking employee certifications, ensuring that all staff members are up-to-date with the latest compliance standards. 

  • Automatically enroll learners on required courses to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Set up automated reminders and notifications for your staff before time-sensitive certifications expire to keep everyone up to date
  • Track your employees’ progress in compliance courses and schedule automated reports for the relevant manager or compliance officer
Streamline onboarding and knowledge transfer Image

Streamline onboarding and knowledge transfer

Leverage your government LMS to equip new hires with the necessary knowledge to contribute effectively from day one. A thorough and efficient onboarding process reduces staff turnover and training costs while improving employee engagement and effectiveness. 

  • Manage employee onboarding and offboarding, including initial training, documentation, and appointments for face-to-face interactions
  • Automate learning assignments based on job roles or departments and create a personalized onboarding experience for each of your new hires
  • Create reporting lines to keep managers up to date with their team’s learning progress and assess performance

All the capabilities you need in a learning platform for government

Moodle enables you to deliver the right training, anywhere and anytime. Common Moodle Workplace applications in DoD and Federal agencies include:
  • Upskilling
  • Readiness
  • Competencies
  • Career development
  • On the job training (OTJT)
  • Career field education and training plans (CFETP)
  • Compliance training
  • Onboarding and related-training
  • Competency-based training and management
  • Workplace safety training
  • Online learning and continued education opportunities
  • The hiring and interview process
  • Online course development
  • Product and service launches

Get more out of your LMS with advanced features

Create personalized learning and development programs with Moodle Workplace’s advanced features and capabilities. Training and engaging your government workforce is now easier than ever.


Give each of your divisions, departments, or learning initiatives their own full LMS platform with custom users, roles, permissions, and hierarchies.

Report builder

Save time by generating reports easily in a drag-and-drop interface with instant preview, filtering, and aggregation of data.

Organization structure Image

Organization structure

Adapt the software to your government structure, defining roles and hierarchies that automatically create reporting lines. Assign management rights and security permissions to each role.

Unlimited courses

Get extra storage for your learning content.

Software integrations

Integrate with your existing or new systems with none of the constraints of a traditional proprietary LMS.

Personalized learning paths

Establish training paths for your employees, grouping courses and content into programs.

Dynamic rules

Save on your admin time by automating processes such as enrollments, certification allocations, messaging, and more.


Create recurring certifications based on programs with a defined validity period to always ensure your certifications are up to date.

Full control over your learning management system

Moodle Workplace is built on the open-source Moodle codebase, allowing you to alter and modify the system down to the code level to fit your needs.
Deployment options Image

Deployment options

Leverage Moodle’s SaaS offering on AWS GovCloud, or choose a Moodle Workplace code release on federal cloud infrastructure.

Custom branding Image

Custom branding

Customize your theme for brand consistency, to improve learner engagement, and to create a seamless transition between your website and your Moodle courses.

Easy add-ons Image

Easy add-ons

Moodle Certified Integrations are powerful and trustworthy add-ons that will extend your online learning ecosystem. Plus, we have more than 2,000 open source plugins that extend our platform.

Why is Moodle the world’s most popular LMS?

Why is Moodle the world’s most popular LMS?

Moodle is the world’s most customizable and trusted eLearning solution. Hundreds of millions of people in thousands of organizations around the globe use Moodle as a toolbox to manage their online learning.

Moodle Workplace extends Moodle LMS to meet the demands of enterprise-level training and performance management, providing streamlined and automated workflows for onboarding, compliance, talent development, and more. 

Moodle Workplace can only be implemented by Moodle’s Certified Services team in the United States.

Value for money Image

Value for money

With an open source core, Moodle Workplace is highly scalable and customizable. This also allows for reduced vendor lock-in, and for increased flexibility and ownership for Federal clients to make changes to the system.

Comprehensive features Image

Comprehensive features

Moodle goes beyond the basic content features of most learning platforms and is rich with advanced features and activities that engage teams and improve learning outcomes.

Make it your own Image

Make it your own

Leverage plugins to meet unique and complex Federal training requirements, such as course/phase certification, training hierarchy, and topic-level completions. Moodle Workplace also provides the ability for agencies to create custom plugins to meet specific Federal/DoD functionality needs. 

Partner with a team of experts

Moodle’s US-based Certified Services team has significant experience implementing Moodle as a key component in a learning services ecosystem for federal and DoD clients, as envisioned in ADL’s total learning architecture (TLA) project. Leverage our expertise in learning design, integration, customization, implementation, and security.

Need assistance with an LMS for government?

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