LMS for healthcare learning, training, and compliance

Keep your healthcare staff’s knowledge and skills up-to-date with a healthcare LMS that makes it easy to provide training, certification, and continuing education.

Cultivate a patient-centric workforce

A healthcare learning management system makes it easy to put your patients first. With engaging continuous learning programs and automated, stress-free compliance training, you can ensure that your staff is always updated on best practices, the latest treatment methodologies, and patient safety measures. As a result, you’ll see higher standards of care and better health outcomes for patients.

Cultivate a patient-centric workforce
Empower continuous learning and development Image

Empower continuous learning and development

Healthcare research and best practices are constantly evolving. Moodle makes it easy to keep medical professionals up-to-date on the latest advancements and protocols. 

  • Assign and schedule courses and programs, tailoring training to each staff member’s role
  • Track learner progress on courses and certifications
  • Self-directed, on-demand learning allows staff to complete training when it’s convenient, providing flexibility for busy schedules
Manage compliance efficiently Image

Manage compliance efficiently

Make sure you never fall behind on regulatory and compliance training. Moodle acts as a centralized hub for managing and tracking employee certifications, ensuring that all staff members are up-to-date with the latest compliance standards. 

  • Ensure you are meeting your legal obligations by creating recurring automated certifications for compliance and regulatory training
  • Set up automated reminders and notifications for your staff before time-sensitive certifications expire to keep everyone up to date
  • Track your employees’ progress in compliance courses and schedule automated reports for the relevant manager or compliance officer
Streamline onboarding and orientation Image

Streamline onboarding and orientation

Leverage your healthcare LMS to equip new hires with the necessary knowledge to contribute effectively from day one. A thorough and efficient onboarding process reduces staff turnover and training costs while improving employee engagement and effectiveness. 

  • Manage employee onboarding and offboarding, including initial training, documentation, and appointments for face-to-face interactions
  • Automate learning assignments based on job roles or departments and create a personalised onboarding experience for each of your new hires
  • Create reporting lines to keep managers up to date with their team’s learning progress and assess performance

Create content that adapts to learner responses for independent revision, subject practice, decision-making exercises, and more.

Personalized learning and development programs

Explore Moodle Workplace’s advanced features for employee learning, from built-in activities and collaboration tools to automated certifications and grading.

Create content that adapts to learner responses for independent revision, subject practice, decision-making exercises, and more.


Test learner knowledge and build their problem-solving skills with quiz activities.

Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing

Record your lessons and share your screen, whiteboard or slides in real time with our integrated web conferencing tool, BigBlueButton.


Celebrate achievements and progress milestones with course badges which learners can display on their Moodle profiles.


Create multiple choice exercises and polls to gauge your learners’ understanding and progress.


Grade and provide feedback on homework and assignments submitted by learners.

Get more out of your LMS with advanced features

Create personalized learning and development programs with Moodle Workplace’s advanced features and capabilities. Training and engaging your workforce is now easier than ever.


Deliver different learning experiences to various groups with unique training needs all within one LMS.

Branding and theme customizations

Personalize the look and feel of your LMS for brand consistency, and customize your domain.

Community plugins Image

Community plugins

Extend functionality with more than 2,000 plugins.

Unlimited courses and activities

Get extra storage for your learning content.

Learning certificates

Easily track learning program progress and completion with certificates.

Software integrations (including SIS/HRIS)

Connect your most critical applications to your LMS.

Support portal

When you need more than a knowledge base, our team is here to help.

Scalable hosting

Choose from a range of scalable, reliable, and robust hosting solutions, and only pay for what you use.

Why is Moodle the world’s most popular LMS for healthcare?

Moodle is the world’s most customizable and trusted eLearning solution for health. Hundreds of millions of people in thousands of organizations around the globe use Moodle as a toolbox to manage their online learning.

Moodle Workplace extends Moodle LMS to meet the demands of healthcare organizations, providing streamlined and automated workflows for the onboarding of healthcare staff, compliance, talent development, and more. 

In the U.S., Moodle Workplace can only be implemented by Moodle’s Certified Services team.

Why is Moodle the world’s most popular LMS for healthcare?
Cost-effective healthcare LMS Image

Cost-effective healthcare LMS

With an open source core, Moodle Workplace is highly scalable, customizable and has a rich ecosystem of plugins and integrations, saving on costs associated with adapting a one-size-fits-all solution. Plus, organizations are not locked into a single vendor’s ecosystem.

Robust features designed for healthcare organizations Image

Robust features designed for healthcare organizations

Moodle goes beyond the basic content features of most corporate learning platforms and is rich with advanced features and activities that engage teams and improve learning outcomes.

Tailor it to your organization’s needs Image

Tailor it to your organization’s needs

Customize, integrate, and scale Moodle to make the platform uniquely your own. Add your own look and feel and make the platform available in more than 20 languages.

Ready to transform your healthcare training platform?

Our team can customize and adapt Moodle into an LMS that meets your unique needs.

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