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Support all forms of higher education learning, including undergraduate studies, continuing education, non-degree programs, and faculty professional development, all within a single higher education LMS.

The most trusted learning management system for higher education

Your students desire learning experiences that engage and build both their hard and soft skills for the workplace. They need the freedom and flexibility to plan their studies around their day-to-day life, wherever they are based.

This is why the world’s leading universities choose Moodle for online learning. More than just a time-saving tool, Moodle’s secure, flexible, and powerful features help your students think creatively, learn collaboratively, and reach their full potential.

The most trusted learning management system for higher education
Ensure career readiness and prove tuition ROI Image

Ensure career readiness and prove tuition ROI

Prioritize career readiness by aligning your curriculum and courses with the goals of your learners and their future employers. By focusing on closing the skills gap, you’ll see more successful graduates and an increase in future enrollments. 

  • Use data insights to build your courses around outcomes that map to key industry, career, and employment skills
  • Incorporate programs that develop competency in essential skills like problem solving, critical thinking, and communication that will serve students well in whichever path they take
  • Track student outcomes with granular reporting to leverage career outcome data in recruitment efforts
Improve student success rates Image

Improve student success rates

Increase the percentage of students who successfully complete courses or degrees. Easily measure and manage student progress to identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Track and record student progress
  • Get insights to predict and support students at risk of failing and make informed teaching decisions
  • Provide students with valuable feedback and support through forums, wikis, and video conferencing
  • Set up activities to unlock after certain dates or milestones and save time with automated grading
Support non-traditional and non-degree learning Image

Support non-traditional and non-degree learning

Go beyond what a traditional learning management system can do. Your LMS should be capable of supporting different types of learners with different goals, demonstrating that your institution guides and enables lifelong learning. 

  • Build programs and courses for non-traditional online learning and continuing education
  • Incorporate institutional employee training and professional development into your LMS to provide employees with new pathways for career advancement
  • Create isolated Moodle sites for unique online initiatives using multi-tenancy

Personalized learning experiences for every online learning initiative

Moodle supports multi-tenancy, which means you can support overarching institutional goals while creating independent learning environments for different programs, departments, partnerships, and more. Each unique environment can be custom branded and have its own single sign-on, dashboards, and users.

Continuing education

Increase enrollments by offering non-traditional programs that support lifelong learning. E-commerce integrations make it easy to sell courses.

Workforce/professional development

Offer training and development initiatives that unlock immediate value for faculty, improving employee retention.

Micro-credentialing Image


Create short-term programs that incorporate hard and soft skills training where employees can earn certifications.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Advance DEI initiatives through dedicated programs that encourage collaboration and responsibility.

Campus safety

Train learners and staff on important safety protocols.

Health and wellness programs

Build initiatives that provide crucial wellbeing and mental health support.

Partnerships for internships and mentoring programs

Leverage university-corporate partnerships to further advance career readiness.

Compliance training

Launch online training courses for specific compliance initiatives.

Prioritize student-centered learning

Create a rich and engaging tertiary learning experience for your learners by incorporating powerful tools and features into your online courses.
Personalized learning paths Image

Personalized learning paths

Use learning pathways to offer personalized journeys that are unique to each learner. Moodle has a variety of tools – Programs, Competencies, Courses, and Custom pages – that give your learners the freedom and tools to decide how they reach their goals.

Blended learning experiences Image

Blended learning experiences

Create hybrid learning experiences that combine the best of in-person and online teaching to drive student engagement.

Learn on the go Image

Learn on the go

Access content and submit activities and assignments on the go or offline with the Moodle App.

Get more out of your higher education LMS

Our team can help with hosting, LMS integrations, instructional design, implementation, and more.


Get secure and scalable hosting solutions, installation, configuration, backups, and more.

LMS integrations

Connect all your applications for a full view of your learners.

Custom themes and features Image

Custom themes and features

Get a custom solution with a range of themes and features to choose from.

Implementation and support

Get full support for the implementation of secure on-site or hosted solutions.


Get expert advice on Moodle-based online learning solutions.

Reporting and analytics

Get a deeper understanding of Moodle’s reporting capabilities and how to leverage insights.


Onboard staff with training designed around the unique needs of administrators, course creators, educators, L&D professionals, and teachers.

Course design

Get assistance in creating high quality, engaging learning content.


What our customers say

Hear from teachers, instructors, and leaders in education about how Moodle empowers them to provide quality online learning experiences.

Giovanni S, Source: G2

"Being open source is the best thing. It has a huge community and you can customize it as you wish. It is very flexible for creating courses in a variety of fields. Also, the possibility of tracking advancements is very well thought. "

Srinivas G, Consultant, Source: G2

"Open source yet very powerful LMS with end-to-end delivery of a course online. Amazing tools for conducting the assessments and provides the reports very useful for performance analysis."

Faycal, Instructor, Source: Capterra

"Moodle provides a high level of customization, allowing educators to tailor the learning environment to their specific needs. It offers a variety of customizable themes, layouts, and activity modules, enabling instructors to create engaging and interactive online courses."

Adolphine, Lecturer, Source: Capterra

"What I like the most is the system’s comprehensive learning environment, user-friendly interface, course customization, content management capabilities, collaboration and communication tools, assessment and feedback features, progress tracking and reporting. Moodle supports integration with various external tools and systems, allowing for seamless integration of additional functionalities. Instructors can integrate external plugins, learning tools, or applications to enhance the learning experience and meet specific instructional needs."

Bharatkumar K, Assistant Administrator, Source: G2

"Moodle’s high adaptability enables us to create lessons and learning activities that precisely suit their requirements and preferences. It is simple to design exciting and interactive classes thanks to this flexibility."

Sara, Supervisor, Source: Capterra

"It is an easy-to-use tool, both for the user and the administrator, since in it you can find the way to create courses and thus reinforce various day-to-day topics with the efforts of each company."

Mehmet K, Front-End Developer, Source: G2

"The best LRM solution among its alternatives. Overall, Moodle has been a pretty worthwhile experience for me. My team and I spend relatively little effort on Moodle generating new classes, courses, and exams. The administration of courses is pretty smooth, and students may easily learn Moodle’s user interface."

Why is Moodle the world’s most popular LMS for higher education?

Moodle LMS is the world’s most customizable and trusted eLearning solution. Hundreds of millions of people in thousands of educational institutions around the globe use Moodle as a toolbox to manage their online learning.

Why is Moodle the world’s most popular LMS for higher education?
Cost-effective online learning Image

Cost-effective online learning

Moodle LMS is an open-source platform with scalability, customization, and a diverse ecosystem of plugins and integrations. Eliminate the need for expensive adaptations. Plus, you won’t find yourself tethered to any single vendor’s ecosystem.

Comprehensive features for academic success Image

Comprehensive features for academic success

Surpassing the content features of the average LMS for education, Moodle has a rich set of features and activities that actively engage students and enhance learning outcomes.

Customize Moodle to your institution’s unique requirements Image

Customize Moodle to your institution’s unique requirements

With customization, integration, and scalability at its core, Moodle allows educational institutions to shape their own look and feel, and can support up to 100 languages.

Ready to transform your university’s online learning?

Our team can customize Moodle to meet your unique needs.

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