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Moodle’s Learning Design team will help you with instructional design, implementation, training, curriculum development, and more.

Learning as a collaborative experience

Ensure that all learners are able to fully engage in your learning programs. Our specialty is designing courses that reflect Moodle’s philosophy that people learn best when they create and learn together. We are also advocates for authentic learning experiences that facilitate effective transfer of learning, best practices in universal design, and accessibility standards.

Who we work with

Choose your level of support

Regardless of your goals, our team will develop learning experiences with you or for you with Moodle’s tools or using third-party SCORM development software. Choose what kind of support you need, from training that empowers you to take a DIY approach, or a full hand-off where our team delivers a ready-made project for you.
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Training and capacity building

Our Learning Design team has trained thousands of Moodle administrators, course creators, trainers, and teachers over the past fifteen years. We design our training programs around your specific needs with a focus on best practices, and we offer both virtual and onsite training options.

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Collaborative consulting

Instead of delivering a general set of training sessions and leaving you to decide what to implement and how, we utilize a highly consultative approach. Our learning designers work with you to define your needs and priorities to create and implement a project plan that makes sense for you. We’ll divide tasks, provide training where needed, and advise you along the way. 

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Instructional design

A good learning design process is more than just writing the curriculum. Our experts consider how individuals learn and which materials and technologies will be most effective. We develop a learning plan that outlines the program’s topics, learning objectives, instructional methods, and assessment strategies, and we work closely with stakeholders to ensure alignment with both the organization’s goals and the learners’ needs.

Experts in learning experience design

Moodle has instructional designers who can help in developing engaging course content, assessments, and learning activities that align with pedagogical best practices.
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Online and blended learning design

Blended learning solutions seamlessly integrate your face-to-face and virtual learning experiences.

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Accessibility and Universal Design

Ensure that your course content is accessible to all learners, including those with disabilities or different learning styles.

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Learner-centered design

Motivate your learners by incorporating interactive components to make learning more enjoyable and immersive and increase learner engagement.

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Assessment design

Design effective quizzes, assignments, and assessment rubrics to evaluate learner progress. Learn how to choose the right assessment tools to ensure learners are meeting the right objectives.

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Get assistance in assessing the impact of your learning program and identify areas for improvement.

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Gamification design

Motivate your learners by incorporating gamification elements and interactive components to make learning more enjoyable and immersive.

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Curriculum design

Get assistance in designing comprehensive curriculum structures and learning pathways.

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Course development

Improve learner outcomes through courses that prioritize learner needs and goals.

Save time with Moodle site implementation support

Work with our experts to ensure your Moodle site is as effective as possible.
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Promote positive learner experiences through the look and feel of your Moodle site.

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User interface design

Get help with dashboard design to ensure your site is easy to navigate.

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Connect with your third-party systems and add plugins to extend your site functionality.

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Change management

Implement strategies to ensure successful adoption of your Moodle site.

Take the stress out of site management

If you lack in-house expertise, are unable to commit to full-time staffing, or are in need of temporary support, our team is here for both short-term and long-term consulting services.
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Site upgrades and maintenance planning

Let our team take care of your upgrades to ensure your site is always up-to-date.

Automate site admin tasks

Save time by automating administrative tasks.

Course rollover and content versioning

Efficiently update courses and make changes while keeping track of version histories.


What our customers say

Hear from other organizations about how Moodle’s Learning Design team empowered them to provide quality online learning experiences.
Jian Xi Teng Image

Jian Xi Teng

Program Specialist, Technology for Lifelong Learning, UNESCO

“The Moodle Services team has been wonderful to work with for the entire project. They have all been extremely professional and helpful, going above and beyond to meet our requirements and ensure that this project was completed to our expectations. We would gladly work with them again.”

Hannah Clary Image

Hannah Clary

Application Administrator Specialist, UMKC School of Nursing

“We would work with [Learning Designer] Carli Cockrell on every project if we could. She’s very communicative and friendly, and she knows everything.”

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    Frequently asked questions

    Learn more about our process

    What is included in a typical implementation?

    Our implementations begin with a series of onboarding sessions designed to address strategic questions and assist you in planning your site. Then we will work with you in a one-on-one consultative approach to cover the fundamentals of setting up and administering your site. Each client is different so each implementation follows its own unique path. Topics discussed are matched to what is needed to successfully launch your site and typically cover these four big questions: 
    • How will users experience your site? 
    • How will you manage users?
    • How will you develop your content and courses?
    • How will you maintain and manage your site over the long-term?

    How long does an engagement with the Learning Design team take?

    The average implementation is 4-6 months depending on the complexity of the project and use case, but it’s not unusual for us to work with a client throughout their first year and beyond as their site continues to evolve and develop.

    Can you run my Moodle site?

    Yes, we often do engagements with clients in which our Learning Design staff dedicate a set number of hours a week towards running the day to day of a client’s Moodle site. This is a great fit for organizations that don’t have enough staff resources to dedicate to this important task.

    Can you help me plan my training program?

    Yes, we can consult with you to develop a plan for improvement with ongoing training and education, and help you rethink how your training works. We can guide the evaluation of what is working and what isn’t, considering different delivery models and implementing learning plans and competencies.

    Can you make my site run more efficiently?

    Yes, with the combined knowledge and experience of our Learning Design, infrastructure, and custom development teams, we are able to design solutions, modify processes, analyze data usage, and recommend tools to help your site run more smoothly and thus take less time to manage.