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Certified Integrations

Moodle Certified Integrations are powerful and trustworthy add-ons that will extend your online learning ecosystem. They’re vetted by Moodle to meet exacting technical standards, security requirements, and fit real-world needs.


Ans is a web-based assessment platform that supports digital, hybrid and written assignments.
Ans logo


BigBlueButton is a virtual classroom tool that provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, whiteboard, chat, and screen.

Brickfield Education Labs

Brickfield Education Labs helps you improve the accessibility of your Moodle course content.
Brickfield Education Labs


Element is a digitally sovereign and secure communications platform. Choose from a self-hosted option or a managed service by Element.
Element logo


Enhancing learning through scalable, human-connected, interactive experiences.
Gamoteca logo


IntelliBoard is a Learning Data Analytics Platform that helps you improve learning outcomes with custom analytics and reports.


LearnerScript is an enhanced LMS reporting tool that provides educators, trainers, and managers with actionable insights.


Levitate Digital Courseware Library seamlessly integrates a versatile range of niche, contemporary courses into your upskilling strategy through Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace.
Levitate logo


MathType, developed by Wiris, is the world’s foremost equation editor that enables the composition of mathematical equations as effortlessly as writing plain text.


Myddleware enables you to synchronize your Moodle data with other applications, such as your e-commerce and CRM tools.


Near-Life is a video and virtual reality authoring tool that allows you to create immersive learning experiences.
Nearlife 300x69px


Poodll is an extensive set of tools for language teachers to build dynamic courses on Moodle LMS.


ReadSpeaker is a text-to-speech integration that allows learners to listen to text within Moodle.


SMOWL is an online proctoring solution that adapts based on your needs, whether you are an educational institution or a business.

TinyMCE Premium

With TinyMCE Premium, see significant changes in your content creation workflows and increases in productivity, engagement, and outputs.
TinyMCE Premium


Zatuk is a video streaming tool that allows you to upload, edit, stream, and store video content on Moodle.

Solution Providers

Leading technology companies around the world work with Moodle to deliver an LMS solution tailored to your organization’s needs. Customize and add extra functionality to your Moodle site by leveraging our solution partnerships.


Annoto is an engagement and collaboration tool that brings true social experience to online video for every website.

Argos Multilingual

Argos provides high-quality translations for your courses, videos, and systems.
argos multilingual


Ariox provides one solution for data transformation, analytics, and optimized systems communication.


Arlo is training management software for course providers who have outgrown messy spreadsheets and manual data entry.

Black Mountain Visuals

BMV is a commercial video production company that helps clients create engaging content for their businesses.
black mountain visuals


BoxPlay is a media company that creates a wide range of engaging and interactive content, including videos, quizzes, and games.


Copyleaks identifies potential plagiarism and the presence of AI content, verifies authenticity and ownership, and empowers error-free writing.

Ease Learning

Ease Learning is a learning experience solution that enables skills-based learning design and mapping, with rich data analytics to measure skills achievement.
ease learning

Integrity Advocate

Integrity Advocate is an identification verification, participation monitoring, and online proctoring tool that prioritizes user privacy.
integrity advocate logo


Iorad enables you to make guided, step-by-step directions for any website directly in the browser.


Motrain is a personalized corporate motivational solution designed to engage learners in fun and successful training by offering incentives for completing activities and courses.


OpenSesame provides eLearning courses from top publishers in multiple formats and languages, with personalized curation and strategic support.
open sesame logo


OpenSIS is a cloud-based Student Information System and School Management software with bi-directional Moodle integration, suitable for K-20 and trade schools with hybrid or virtual operations.


Vyond allows you to easily create professional-grade animated videos that engage and educate your employees and customers.

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    Moodle FAQs

    Frequently asked questions

    How can I access the Moodle Certified Integrations for my Moodle site?

    You can get more information and support about Certified Integrations by contacting us

    How much do Moodle Certified Integrations cost?

    Each add-on is priced differently based on your chosen plan and requirements. Please contact us for more details.

    Are there different integration types?

    Whether you are an LMS administrator, teacher, or L&D manager, there is a Moodle integration to help you achieve more and customize your learners’ experiences. Some of our LMS integrations are coded in the programming language PHP, whereas others use standards like Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) to exchange information, without needing actual code to carry out the integration. This means that sometimes we have to review the code of the integration to make sure that it conforms to our plugin guidelines, whereas some other times there is no code to review.

    Why does the code for Certified Integrations need to conform to Moodle’s requirements?

    This ensures that you are not locked in for your connector to the external tool. Instead, anyone can improve this connector, which aligns with our open-source community philosophy and is an assurance for the users. It also means that you can rely on these tools to support your digital teaching and learning experiences effectively and continuously.

    Can I choose a similar product that is not a Moodle Certified Integration?

    We recommend choosing Certified Integrations as we can guarantee that the software fits within the Moodle ecosystem and that its overall functionality is the best it can be. If you couldn’t find what you’re looking for and are searching for more add-ons, explore our extensive library of open source plugins.