Conduct safer online exams

Experience secure online assessments with SMOWL, the leading proctoring software by Smowltech, that adapts based on your needs, whether you are an educational institution or a business. Ensure assessment integrity, prevent fraud, and enhance the user experience with a seamless Moodle Certified Integration. 

Conduct safer online exams
Seamless integration Image

Seamless integration

Work effortlessly with a complete SMOWL and Moodle integration for a stress-free exam experience without technical concerns.

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Exam protection

Ensure secure digital assessments. SMOWL’s proctoring technology guarantees a fair, cheat-free environment, compliant with privacy protocols, GDPR, and FERPA.

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Exceptional support

Receive comprehensive assistance throughout the assessment process. SMOWL’s dedicated team can promptly address your questions and technical issues.

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Streamlined process

Simplify the management of digital exams. Easily configure and manage assessments without multiple tools or platforms.

Trust and peace of mind Image

Trust and peace of mind

Rely on robust technology to safeguard your security and academic success. Experience a seamless exam environment while saving travel, infrastructure, and documentation costs.

Versatile proctoring features

Access a wide range of features, including continuous monitoring and detection of unauthorized actions, AI, and virtual machine detections. SMOWL guarantees the integrity of your digital exams.

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