Secure communications for smartphones and laptops

Element is a digitally sovereign and secure communications platform. Choose from a self-hosted option or a managed service by Element.

The Element Server Suite provides admin control and management, including ID and access management support, auditing, moderation, and chat room hierarchies.

Secure communications for smartphones and laptops
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Easy to use

An easy-to-use messaging and collaboration tool, including voice and video options, built for mobiles and desktops.

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Element is designed for conversations that respect privacy, featuring end-to-end encryption.

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Group synchronization

Enables administrators to manage IDs and access actively, with compatibility for various SSO systems. Element provides tools to construct and oversee an extensive chat room framework for the entire school, complete with auditing and moderation functionalities.

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Centrally managed

Element empowers the end-user organization with centralized administrative control to configure, manage, and oversee the entire deployment.

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Comes with the flexibility to use it as an internal-only communication platform or to opt for a private federation setup to facilitate specific connections with other schools or external third parties.

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Digitally sovereign

Digitally autonomous, available as a self-hosted solution or via Element’s hosted service.

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Open source

Element is based on the Matrix open standard, underscoring its commitment to open-source innovation.

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Element Server Suite

The Element Server Suite supports all Matrix frontends and can operate open, secured, or air-gapped networks in public or private federations with other Matrix servers.

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