Digital math made simple

MathType, developed by Wiris, is the world’s foremost equation editor that enables the composition of mathematical equations as effortlessly as writing plain text. Its integration with Moodle is flawless, facilitating users in seamlessly incorporating mathematical equations and formulas into diverse forms of content, including quizzes, assignments, forum posts, and lesson materials. MathType collaborates with all major educational platforms globally and remains dedicated to upholding accessibility standards, guaranteeing that mathematical content is accessible to all learners.

Digital math made simple
User-friendly experience Image

User-friendly experience

Access a highly intuitive interface that offers a seamless experience for both beginners and advanced users. Bid farewell to the intricacies of LaTeX and direct your focus towards mathematical concepts.

Refined presentation Image

Refined presentation

Display your equations flawlessly. Your content will radiate a professional aesthetic, apt for academic, scientific, or any other form of presentation.

Handwritten input Image

Handwritten input

Embrace the convenience of touch screen devices. With MathType, handwritten formulas are automatically transformed into pristine digital equations, ready to seamlessly integrate into your content.

Suitable for all levels Image

Suitable for all levels

Tackle mathematical complexities confidently across all levels of difficulty, ensuring an exceptional experience in every field of study.

Enhanced accessibility Image

Enhanced accessibility

Meet accessibility requirements to provide a software solution for all. Features like keyboard accessibility and screen reader compatibility align with WCAG guidelines.

Chemistry customization tools Image

Chemistry customization tools

Unlock a personalized toolbar equipped with specialized chemistry buttons tailored for editing inorganic chemistry formulas.

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