Interactive video and VR authoring for everyone

Near-Life is an easy-to-use platform that lets educators and learning professionals make interactive video, VR, and gamified content quickly and easily, so they can share immersive experiences that are more engaging, more memorable, and more impactful.

Interactive video and VR authoring for everyone
Branching video scenarios  Image

Branching video scenarios

Design, build, and share branching scenarios.

Interactive VR Image

Interactive VR

Make content more immersive by providing learners a VR video experience with 180 and 360 video.

Interactive hotspots Image

Interactive hotspots

Make parts of your video interactive and have people interact directly with objects and images. You can also add pop-ups.

Gamification  Image


Add elements such as scoring, conditions, and achievements to create anything from simple quizzes to complex simulations.

Interactive slides Image

Interactive slides

In addition to 2D video and 180 or 360 video, Near-Life also allows you to use static images and slides – create interactive presentations or mix and match videos and slides.

Track choices Image

Track choices

Track choices and give tailored feedback based on learner interactions. Compatible with SCORM, xAPI, and LTI.

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