Streamline and track your online training for maximum impact

Moodle Workplace is a flexible and secure enterprise learning management system that combines the best of Moodle LMS with advanced features for workplace learning.

Save time and cut training costs

Run your online training programs smoothly and efficiently with advanced automation, content sharing, and personalisation features.
Easy & secure user management Image

Easy & secure user management

Define user roles and hierarchies to create reporting lines; assign management rights and security permissions; and automate tasks based on your organisation’s departments and positions.

Optimised course discovery journey Image

Optimised course discovery journey

Ensure individualised upskilling and convenience for your employees by streamlining access to tailored learning materials with a highly customisable Learning Catalogue.

Tailored training pathways Image

Tailored training pathways

Automatically assign learning and grant competencies to individuals or teams based on tailored rules.

Automated compliance training Image

Automated compliance training

Keep compliance training up to date with automated recertification and personalised certificates.

Measurable insights

Collect and share insights about employee training outcomes and your programs’ effectiveness.
Learner progress measurement Image

Learner progress measurement

Manually or automatically record grades and achievements with Gradebook.

Report builder Image

Report builder

Generate custom reports using filtered and aggregated data about your learners and programs. Reports can be scheduled for delivery to specific audiences.

Badges and diplomas Image

Badges and diplomas

Reward and recognize employee achievements with automated badges and diplomas.

Power up with integrations and add-ons

Moodle Certified Integrations are powerful and trustworthy add-ons that will extend your online learning ecosystem. Plus, we have more than 2,000 open source plugins that extend our platform. Moodle Workplace is also ready to be integrated with other systems like content repositories, HR platforms, and other products thanks to its comprehensive API.
Keep your teams connected Image

Keep your teams connected

Integrate video-conferencing tools like BigBlueButton or Zoom and instant messaging apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Sell training to other learners and organizations Image

Sell training to other learners and organizations

Sell your programs with CRM and eCommerce integrations.

Integrate content libraries into your LMS Image

Integrate content libraries into your LMS

Bridge skills gaps more efficiently by leveraging existing content from providers like LinkedIn Learning.

Share, upload, and organize files easily Image

Share, upload, and organize files easily

Link your Moodle Workplace site with file repositories like Google Drive, Dropbox, NextCloud, or OneDrive.

Powerful and trusted Certified Integrations

Moodle Certified Integrations are powerful and trustworthy add-ons that will extend your online learning ecosystem. Plus, we have more than 2,000 open source plugins that extend our platform.

Make your Moodle site your own

Moodle Workplace can be customized and scaled to fit your organization’s unique needs, now and as you grow into the future.
Multi-tenant architecture Image

Multi-tenant architecture

Give each of your divisions, departments, or franchises their own LMS platform where they can create customized learning environments for different groups of users.

20+ languages Image

20+ languages

Give it your own look and feel Image

Give it your own look and feel

Add your own brand colors and logo with custom themes.

Mobile learning Image

Mobile learning

Access content and submit activities on the go or offline with your own branded Moodle App.

Conduct training in safe, secure, and scalable online spaces

Deliver your online training programs with the confidence that your system scales with you and your data is protected. Moodle Workplace is developed with a ‘security by design’ approach and is supported by our global security community. Plus, our network of Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers will ensure a scalable, reliable and resilient Moodle Workplace site with enhanced security and data protection.
Always-on security Image

Always-on security

With world-leading privacy and security features, Moodle is continuously tested and monitored through our security program with Bugcrowd. This ensures that any bugs are detected and fixed quickly, reducing the impact of vulnerabilities and security breaches.

Committed to privacy Image

Committed to privacy

Use built-in tools to manage privacy and site policies, age-of-consent checks, data requests, and more. Configure Moodle Workplace to meet local privacy and GDPR obligations.

Scale your learning Image

Scale your learning

Moodle excels in the eLearning landscape, offering scalability from small organizations to expansive corporate training environments. Get expert assistance from our team.

Access Moodle’s open-source AI plugins

Harness the potential of AI through Moodle’s open-source plugins, ensuring transparency and adaptability to evolving educational regulations, particularly in the EU. These plugins interface with AI engines and are endorsed by Moodle as reliable tools.

Some notable plugins include the AI Connector, which integrates AI-powered applications like ChatGPT and Dall-E, enhancing Moodle’s capabilities. The AI Text to Questions Generator dynamically adjusts quizzes, benefiting both learners and educators, while the OpenAI Chat Block fosters natural, interactive conversations within Moodle. Additionally, the AI Text-to-Image Repository facilitates the creation of visually engaging resources, promoting content comprehension and retention.

Get Moodle Workplace

Get access to Moodle Workplace and expertise in hosting, customization, support, and training.

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    Helpful Resources

    Learn more about Moodle Workplace features

    Does Moodle Workplace have the same functionality as Moodle LMS?

    Yes, Moodle Workplace has all features and functionality of Moodle LMS plus additional features designed specifically for workplace learning.

    Is Moodle Workplace compatible with Moodle LMS plugins?

    Like Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace can be extended via plugins and is compatible with most of the plugins in the Moodle plugin database.

    Can you share learning programs and content between tenants?

    Yes, Moodle Workplace’s multi-tenancy is designed so that you can easily reuse courses, learning programs and other specific things across tenants like Certifications, Dynamic Rules or Reports.