Moodle has partnered with Brickfield Education Labs to improve the accessibility and usability of LMS site content for all Moodle users.

Brickfield Education Labs offers a comprehensive Accessibility Toolkit for Moodle to improve the accessibility of Moodle course content. The Toolkit finds, fixes and futureproof’s client content on Moodle courses by automating the process of accessibility auditing and remediation of course content. It provides learners with the ability to generate accessible file formats.

“Accessibility should never be an afterthought when creating content,” says Jonathan Moore, Head of Moodle US. “Our partnership with Brickfield Education Labs will help us ensure that our clients are always proactive in creating accessible content, improving usability for all learners.”

“The journey of making course content accessible to all learners starts with the first step of checking the existing content and addressing the issues found,” says Gavin Henrick, Co-Founder of Brickfield. “However, ensuring that new content is accessible when it’s created requires active support for academic and administrative staff. At Brickfield, we enable organizations to build awareness and capacity around accessibility by supporting staff in building accessible content through inbuilt guides and tips, and through our online courses that come free with our subscription.”

About Brickfield Education Labs

Brickfield Education Labs was established in 2019 and is an Enterprise Ireland supported Company. The organization combines more than 50 years of experience delivering Moodle-based educational solutions. The team at Brickfield combines a passion for accessibility, inclusion and good user experience with their extensive Moodle knowledge and community engagement.

Over 1600 organizations worldwide use the Brickfield Accessibility Starter Toolkit that was made available for free in Moodle 3.11 and Moodle 4.0. The Enterprise version of the Toolkit is available on a yearly subscription, based on the FTE banded model. Brickfield Education Labs strives to be the first choice in accessibility solutions for the Moodle LMS.

For more information, visit or follow Brickfield on LinkedIn and Brickfield on Twitter.

About Moodle

As a division of Moodle, the Moodle Services and Support team provides advanced skills and services to enable customers to build the best online learning experiences in the world. Our team of experts will work with you to identify your unique needs whether you are seeking support with hosting, course design, custom development, or anything in between. Scale your level of support and service to suit your specific requirements.

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