We’re sad to hear that Edmodo, the K-12 collaboration tool is shutting down its platform and service on 22 September, 2022.  We understand that this will inconvenience many Edmodo users. If you’ve downloaded your course materials and want to migrate them to a new platform, the good news is that Moodle is here to help!

Moodle is the right platform for education

With over 300 million learners worldwide, Moodle helps empower educators with open source technology in two thirds of universities and thousands of schools. One of the greatest strengths of Moodle is the community that’s grown around our platform. Since its beginning almost 20 years ago, Moodle has been improved by feedback and contributions from tens of thousands of educators, developers and systems administrators from all parts of the world. It isn’t just a platform; Moodle is a community of people working together to meet the needs and challenges that teachers face today.

Plus, Moodle is the right choice for schools and education institutions because it is long-lasting, secure, feature-rich, and allows educators and schools to keep ownership of their data.

Longevity & sustainability

Our open source licence guarantees that Moodle LMS will always be freely available for use and development by the community, independent of any changes that may impact our company.

Reliability & security

At Moodle, thousands of developers contribute to reviewing the code and delivering an LMS that’s reliable, secure and scalable. Plus, as an open source platform, you can protect student privacy and have complete control over your data, including how and where you store it. Choose the deployment option that best fits your needs. Moodle allows both on-premise and cloud hosting.

Flexible, accessible and feature-rich

Our accessible, feature-rich learning platform will save you time and improve your teaching and student outcomes.

  • Deliver content and tasks in a range of formats for different learning preferences.
  • Keep students updated on class requirements and deadlines.
  • Measure and manage student progress
  • Create active learning experiences including gamification for your students.
  • Customise and scale for any course or teaching method you choose.
  • Teach and learn on the go with Moodle App.

Webinar on September 15th – Roadmap to Moodle: Making the move from Edmodo

Changing from one LMS to another can be daunting, but in this webinar, our learning design experts will explain how to bring content from Edmodo into Moodle and share insights into how Moodle can be used to improve your teaching and student outcomes.

Sign up for the webinar on 15 September, 2022 at 02:00pm Eastern Time (US and Canada).