You know how to inspect fruits and vegetables to pick the best produce for a recipe. You know how to find a charger cable that will work with your type of laptop, phone, or tablet. But do you know where to find plugins to extend the functionality of your Moodle site? Do you know how to tell if the plugin is fit for purpose?

Join us for a guided tour of the Moodle Plugins Database to gain valuable plugin-hunting skills and instincts! Also included will be a demo of two popular and super useful plugins: Recompletion and Configurable Reports!

Attendees will learn how to:
– Access the Moodle Plugins Database
– Search for plugins compatible with a specific Moodle version
– Search by plugin type, functionality and name
– Visually run the plugin sniff-test by age, versions, support/maintenance, and popularity
– Install, configure, and use the Configurable Reports plugin
– Install, configure, and use the Recompletion plugin