Want to take your learning content global?

Reaching a global audience comes with many rewards, but also challenges! This webinar will talk you through the “whys” and “hows” of adapting and translating content to reach a wider range of learners.

Translated content used to train learners – such as eLearning courses, videos, and manuals – needs to ensure that the end user is getting the most out of their learning experience. A lot of the effectiveness of eLearning courses depends on the quality of the language in the training materials. To encourage full comprehension and engagement, eLearning content should be available in each individual’s native language.

In this webinar led by Argos Multilingual, attendees will learn:
– What localization is, and how it applies to your eLearning content
– How to successfully reach your global audience
– The keys to global learner engagement
– Project planning best practices
– Inner workings of an eLearning workflow

We’ll also cover some tips and best practices for preparing content with a global audience in mind.