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  • Australia

    • eCreators

      eCreators are an online learning house specialising in content, Moodle hosting and development. We specialise in: -Moodle Hosting -Moodle Customisation -Moodle Themes -Articulate Storyline Content Development & Training. We provide Moodle

      eCreators provide Moodle solutions to a range of blue chip organisations, retailers and RTO's across Australia and abroad.

      Full interactive themes Static themes Unique themes
    • NetSpot Pty Ltd

      NetSpot is a Premium eLearning Technology Services Partner to education organisations within the Australian and New Zealand region, and an official Moodle Partner in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. NetSpot offers premium Moodle services with an emphasis on scalable, high availability solutions and working relationships which are responsive and flexible. We understand education as well as technology and focus particularly on developing long term partnerships with our customers and on working at the enterprise-level.

      Generally offered as a service to our managed hosting clients, a custom theme comes as standard with the added option of design of additional themes as required. As a NetSpot customer, our developers can quickly convert your existing corporate identity, brand or web site design to a great looking Moodle theme.
    • Pukunui

      Pukunui is a leading full-service Moodle Partner company with offices throughout Australia and South East Asia and offer hosting, support, training, theme design services, consultancy and e-learning content creation; ensuring that the investment you have made in your e-learning strategy is supported by a professional and skilful team. With a background in both the Education and IT sectors, Pukunui provide services to education & training institutions, corporate and government clients of all sizes both locally and internationally.

      Our theme designers can either design a theme for you from the ground up, or take your existing corporate image and turn it into a Moodle theme.
  • Argentina

    • Entornos Educativos

      En Entornos Educativos nos proponemos generar soluciones integrales para nuestros clientes. Los campos son variados, pudiendo trabajar en educación a distancia, espacios de apoyo a la actividad presencial y proyectos combinados.

      Diseño: integración con webs institucionales, imagen corporativa, logotipos y colores.
  • Brazil

  • Canada

    • Lambda Solutions Inc

      Lambda Solutions is a full service Moodle Partner offering services in both US and Canada, specializing in:

      • Moodle Hosting & Support
      • Moodle Installation & Customization
      • Moodle Themes & Development
      • Moodle Training & Consulting

      Our affordable and flexible Moodle Theming Plans range from basic Moodle Themes,to custom Moodle Themes created from scratch and tailored to your specific requirements. Click here to learn more about our Moodle Theming services.
    • Remote-Learner Canada Inc.

      Remote-Learner provides a full range of learning services to educational, corporate and governmental organizations throughout North America and the UK.

      Remote-Learner provides each hosting client with a unique Moodle theme and can create custom themes upon request.
  • Colombia

  • Czech Republic

    • PragoData Consulting, s.r.o.

      PragoData Consulting provides wide portfolio of services suitable for a small school teaching as well as for an enterprise education.

      Professional design themes development.
  • Denmark

    • eFaktor Denmark

      eFaktor is now a Moodle Partner in Denmark.

      eFaktor creates responsive themes for Moodle that can be match the client's web branding. We have seen increasing demand for responsive themes, that automatically adapt to PC/Mac, iPad/tables and iPhones/smart phones.
  • France

    • Enovation Solutions (FR)

      Avec des bureaux en France et en Irlande, Enovation Solutions est l'un des premiers fournisseurs européens de services informatiques basés sur les logiciels open source. Nous sommes experts pour la mise enplace de solutions integrées, robustes et flexibles, a l'échelle de l'entreprise corespondant aux exigences opérationnelles parfois difficiles en utilisant uniquement des produits surs et éprouvés tels que Moodle.

      Développement Théme

      Notre équipe de conception graphique crée des thèmes sur mesure pour répondre aux besoins de nos clients pour respecter la charte graphiquede leur entreprise ou organisation.

      Pour plus d'informations contactez-nous ici.

  • Germany

    • eLeDia - eLearning im Dialog GmbH

      eLeDia is a full service provider for Moodle LMS and other tools. See also:

      Corporate design for your Moodle system.
    • moodleSCHULE e.V.

      moodleSCHULE ist eine bundesweite Initiative, die den Einsatz des Lern-Management-Systems Moodle an deutschen Schulen fördern möchte. Das Angebot richtet sich an Lehrerinnen und Lehrer, die als Moodle-Fortbilder tätig sein wollen, an autodikatische Moodlelehrer sowie Trainer an Volkshochschulen und alle pädagogisch Interessierten.

      We refer schools to for special themes
  • Greece

    • Wide Services

      Moodle Partner in Greece. Wide Services make e-Learning solutions that improve performance and boost-up efficiency.

      Looks are important. We'll be happy to customize your Moodle site in order to reflect your corporate look and feel.
  • India

    • Ballistic Learning Private Limited

      Moodle Partner since 2005, Ballistic Learning has delivered Moodle based solutions in practically all sectors - School Education, Higher Education, Corporate, Institutional, Employability Education, Test Prep and other. Our experience includes customization, integration, managed hosting, support, training, systems consulting, instructional design and content conversion. Contact - [email protected]

      We offer wide-ranging look & feel customization services. We are known for our design and theme development skills and have contributed many open source themes to the community. Currently all our custom developed Moodle themes are fully responsive and adapt elegantly on mobile devices.
    • eAbyas Info Solutions Private Limited

      eAbyas specializes in providing e-learning solutions to Educational Institutes from design, deploy and support. Our expertise is in Moodle development, integrations and theme development. Contact – [email protected]

      Choose from our available range of themes personally designed & developed by our Designers, SMEs and Experts after a thorough research on the user interface from a custom role’s perspective.
  • Ireland

    • Enovation Solutions

      With offices in Ireland and France, Enovation Solutions is one of Europe’s leading providers of managed technology services based on open source software. We are experts in creating integrated, enterprise scale technology solutions for challenging business requirements using only proven products such as Moodle.

      Theme Development

      Our graphics design team create bespoke themes to meet the corporate branding requirments of our clients.

      For more information contact us here.

    • Synergy Learning IE

      Synergy Learning is a leading UK Moodle Service Provider with Moodle Engineers and Consultants operating across the country.

      Synergy Learning develop Moodle themes development:
      • Standard Moodle Themes
      • Moodle Branding
  • Italy

    • MediaTouch 2000 srl

      MediaTouch 2000 srl progetta, realizza e propone strumenti e servizi nel settore dell’e-learning e della comunicazione, grazie ad uno specifico know how nel campo dei media digitali.

      MediaTouch 2000 srl realizza temi personalizzati per Moodle creando fogli di stile CSS per recepire la grafica e l’identità visiva della clientela; è peraltro autrice di uno dei temi di Moodle più utilizzati, il Formal White. Personalizzazione grafica
  • Japan


      株式会社イーラーニングは、10年以上にわたって企業や学校にeラーニング環境構築のソフトウェアとサービスを提供しています。 Moodleのインストール、アップグレード、ホスティング、コンサルティング、開発、構築などのフルサービスを提供しています。
      e-learning co., ltd. is offering includes a full suite of Moodle services .

      株式会社イーラーニングでは、Moodleのテーマ開発サービスを提供しています。 企業/学校のホームページやロゴに合わあせたデザインをレスポンシブテーマデザインとしてお届けしています。
      対象:Moodle 2.5以上

      e-learning co.,ltd offers customized theme service .
  • Mexico

  • Netherlands

    • UP learning BV

      UP learning offers products and services with which professional educators and trainers can design, organise and manage learning processes.

      You want Moodle in your own style? No problem. Our graphic designers will create the design you want.
  • New Zealand

    • Catalyst IT Ltd

      Catalyst is New Zealand's largest open source specialist. We offer Moodle development, installation, integration and hosting with 24*7 support services. Through partnerships, we also offer courseware and training. We are able to offer skilled and efficient services to support your e-Learning initiatives. We have branches in Australia and the UK, and support a globally diverse range of clients.

      Catalyst offer a Moodle theming service.
    • HRDNZ

      Providing hosting, training, and support solutions for private training enterprises, training departments and projects, individuals, and communities.

      We can create customised Moodle Themes - see We also provide an online training course if you wish to develop your own Theme:
  • Norway

    • eFaktor Norway

      eFaktor’s customers get the know-how to make good quality e-learning courses themselves. eFaktor is a full service Moodle provider for Norway.

      eFaktor creates themes for Moodle that can be identical to the client's web profile. We also offer all clients functionality for template-based content production as part of the Moodle package. We have seen increasing demand for responsive themes that automatically adapt to PC/Mac, iPad/tables and iPhones/smart phones.
  • Peru

  • Poland

    • Webanywhere Poland

      Webanywhere oferuje technologie e-learningowe dla sektora publicznego i prywatnego. W Wielkiej Brytanii pracujemy z instytucjami edukacyjnymi oraz klientami komercyjnymi, dostarczając platformy e-learningowe oparte na środowisku Moodle. Nasze usługi są kompleksowe, oferujemy projekt graficzny, instalację, hosting, szkolenia i pomoc techniczną a także integrację Moodle z oprogramowaniem zewnętrznym. Naszym celem jest zapewnienie platformy edukacyjnej, która pozwoli użytkownikom na rozwinięcie ich możliwości.

      Zaprojektujemy unikalną grafikę dla platformy, według specyfikacji podanej przez klienta.
  • Portugal

    • ed-rom

      A ed-rom foi constituída em 2003 com a visão de contribuir para a valorização e potencialização das organizações e dos recursos humanos de expressão portuguesa através da criação de e-learning e outros conteúdos multimédia inovadores e eficazes.

      A ed-rom dispõe de vasta experiência na configuração da aparência do moodle conferindo-lhe um aspecto totalmente diferente e integrado com a comunicação da sua organização.
  • Romania

    • eLearning & Software SRL

      SC eLearning & Software SRL oferă servicii profesionale Moodle. Expertiza noastră în instalarea și configurarea serverelor este esențială pentru a oferi un suport eficient platformei de e-learning Moodle pentru a rula în condiții excepționale. Strategia didactică și pedagogică în vederea utilizării platformei de e-learning Moodle se concepe înca din faza de implementare, astfel rezultatele obținute se pot preconiza.

      SC eLearning & Software SRL oferă servicii profesionale de dezvoltare al aspectului platformei Moodle. Servicii de customizare a temelor (template), culori, grafica, integrare cu alte situri sau servicii web.
  • Russian Federation

    • Open Technology

      Open Technology is the Moodle Partner from the Russian Federation.

      Разработка шаблона оформления в стиле сайта клиента, разработка индивидуального стиля оформления, портирование шаблонов оформления от Moodle 1.9 на Moodle 2.
  • South Africa

    • AOSIS (Pty) Ltd

      1'st African Partner. AOSIS strives to provide the tools for developing a learning attitude, a learning enterprise, and systems for customising e-learning activities to match the needs of the various users of such systems.

      We provide each hosting client with a unique Moodle theme and can create custom themes upon request.
  • Spain

    • CV&A Consulting

      CV&A Consulting es una empresa de consultoría independiente formada por expertos en eLearning. Le ayudamos a poner en marcha su iniciativa de formación y a sacar el máximo partido de Moodle como entorno de aprendizaje efectivo. Ofrecemos toda la gama de servicios para Moodle: hosting, soporte, formación, consultoría y desarrollo de soluciones personalizadas integradas con Moodle.

      Realizamos la personalización de Moodle de acuerdo a la imagen corporativa de nuestros clientes a partir de "Themes" existentes o creándolos desde cero. Sea cual sea su actividad/negocio, ¡en CV&A nos importa!
  • United Arab Emirates

    • Human Logic UAE

      Human Logic, the first Moodle partner in the Middle East, can provide your business, educational or government organization with a complete e-learning solution. We are proud to provide professional services for Moodle, the world’s leading learning management platform. Our services are used by major organizations, including Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Sultan Qaboos University.

      We can develop a Moodle theme that is consistent with the corporate look of your organization. This can create a more unifying and professional appearance that helps to maintain the identity of your brand.
  • United Kingdom

    • E-Learn Design Ltd.

      Based in Scotland, E-Learn Design offers services in instructional design and course development, training, migration from other systems, theming, hosting, support and custom development of Moodle to clients. We also offer a suite of fully online courses for how to use Moodle 2x.

      We can provide branding of your site from basic modifications through to full bespoke themes. We are happy to work with your own designers or can provide a designer who can work with you to create the perfect company branding.
    • HowToMoodle

      HowToMoodle are client focused Moodle specialists, supplying a range of organisations (both commercial and academic) with training, consultancy, hosting, branding, support and reporting.
      Holding Moodle Partner status since 2004, HowToMoodle are well established and experienced in helping organisations with simple setup and support through to complete end-to-end solutions.
      Hosting | Training | Themes | Support | Sell Courses Online | Learner Data Reports
      Just ask us... +44 (0)330 660 1111 Contact us.

      HowToMoodle Themes:
      Choose from a wide range of theme and branding options for your Moodle site.

      • • HowToMoodle Style Themes - A cost effective and easy to customise theme – quickly and simply upgrade the look and feel of your Moodle site.

        • • Bespoke Themes - Moodle themes to fully reflect your organisation's branding. Clients include Schneider Electric, VSO, Institute of Financial Services and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.
          • • Full design service - work with our creative team to create a completely brand new design or one that's distinct from your current branding but still references your brand guidelines.
    • Remote-Learner UK Ltd

      Remote-Learner provides a full range of learning services to educational, corporate and governmental organizations throughout North America and the UK.

      Remote-Learner provides each hosting client with a unique Moodle theme and can create custom themes upon request.
    • Synergy Learning UK

      Synergy Learning is the leading UK & Ireland Moodle Service Provider with Moodle Engineers and Consultants operating across the country. Synergy Learning offers the full range of Moodle services: hosting, support, training, consultancy, installation, development, themes and integration.

      Synergy Learning develop Moodle themes development:
      • Standard Moodle Themes
      • Moodle Branding
    • Webanywhere UK

      Webanywhere work with Moodle to provide VLE (virtual learning environment) solutions to schools and colleges, as well as LMS services to the private and public sectors.
      We offer an end-to-end service comprising design, installation, hosting, training and technical support, as well as integration of Moodle with third party software.
      VLE for Schools / Colleges | LMS for Business
      Call us on +44(0)113 3200 750

      We can provide a custom theme for your Moodle, designed according to your existing branding or new specifications.
  • United States

    • ClassroomRevolution, LLC

      ClassroomRevolution offers a wide range of commercial Moodle services for clients located in North and South America.

      ClassroomRevolution provides theme development services exclusively for our hosting clients. Have you ever come across a stylish Moodle site that stands out from the crowd? Then chances are that you have already seen our work. Our Moodle themes have been used by hundreds of organizations over the past few years.

      Our Moodle hosting clients are invited to use any of our available Moodle themes, or we can design a custom theme from scratch. Theme development and customization is always included in the standard price of each of our Moodle hosting accounts.
    • Moodlerooms, Inc.

      Moodlerooms provides solutions to meet all Moodle needs, including joule our full-service solution.

      Moodlerooms is a trusted provider of the cloud-hosted, managed open-source and SaaS learning management platform. With enterprise-level service and support, organizations can dedicate their time and resources on what really matters- the success of their learning programs. Moodlerooms takes a consultative approach to assessing a client's service needs and creates the perfect fit for their particular organization. Moodlerooms clients have access to our Express Design templates which provide theme options that can be applied using CSS and HTML. Our joule customers also receive a block unique to joule for clickable branding using color selectors, logo uploads, font styles and HTML color codes.
    • NewSchool Learning

      We're a small design company that's obsessed with making Moodle look good.

      Regardless of where you are in your design process, we'd like to jump on board to help you untangle the Moodle code. Tell us about your project and we'll see what we can do.
    • Remote-Learner US

      Remote-Learner provides a full range of learning services to educational, corporate and governmental organizations throughout North America and the UK.

      Remote-Learner provides each hosting client with a unique Moodle theme and can create custom themes upon request.
    • Webanywhere USA

      Webanywhere provides a complete range of Moodle services to education, business, public and 3rd sector clients.
      Moodle for Education | Moodle for Business
      Call us on 866-713-0496 or Contact Us.

      We can provide a custom theme for your Moodle, designed according to your specifications. We will work closely with you to ensure that your Moodle theming matches your existing brand identity.