There are a lot of Moodlers using our open source learning platform. In fact, Moodle is used in 242 countries around the world by over 350 million registered users.

But did you know that not only can you register yourself as a Moodler, you can also register your Moodle site?

One of the ways that we get a better understanding of how Moodle is used worldwide is through registered Moodle sites. We use this information to make data-driven decisions about new features and plugins which will improve how our users teach and learn using our platform. In the last 6 months, nearly 30% of Moodle  website visits were from students or learners looking for their Moodle site login. You can reduce frustration and improve your learners’ journey by registering your site with us so that your learners can search for their institution or organisation on our handy find your Moodle site website page.

Why you should register your Moodle site

If you haven’t yet registered your Moodle site or are curious about the benefits of doing so, here are four very good reasons why you should do that now: 

  1. Stay up to date by email whenever there are new releases of Moodle or security alerts.
  2. Receive Moodle app notifications from our AirNotifier messaging server.
  3. Be part of the statistics of the worldwide community.
  4. List your site on our list of registered sites in your country, which also allows any lost students or staff to find your site easier. 

In case you’re worried about your privacy when registering your Moodle site, we have got you covered as well. 

We use the aggregated anonymous data to publish the statistics of the worldwide community which help us in our decision making around new features and plugins. This means we don’t share your information with anyone and we’ll never go into your Moodle site.

You don’t want your details to be public? No problem! Your registration is private to us unless you choose to make it public.

How to register your Moodle site

Now that you know all the benefits of registering your Moodle site, the only question is “how do you do it?”

You can register your site by logging in as an administrator and going to Site administration > Registration. But please remember that only sites which are online can be registered. Just make sure you use a valid email address where you’ll be able to receive ‌your security updates.

Although registering your Moodle site is optional, it is the best way to make sure you don’t miss out on any upgrades or important security issues that put your site at risk. 

So if you want to be the first to know about Moodle updates and help us improve Moodle, register today or learn more at