April Fools 2016 – Moodle HQ Moving to Antarctica

April 1, 2016 By Moodle

It’s official, Moodle is relocating to Antarctica!

The move was sparked by the discovery of rare algae found only in antarctic waters, which, when inserted directly into the workstations of Moodle developers, increases productivity or ‘Moodle Power’ by over 300%.

While the advantages of the algae are obvious, there are some expensive side effects. For the past 6 months, 100s of kilograms of antarctic algae have been shipped directly to the Moodle HQ offices in West Perth, Australia. The extraction, transportation and maintenance of the algae at antarctic temperatures has proved to be a costly exercise.

Moving to Antarctica will bring the horse to the cart, so to speak, and substantially reduce these expenses. The entire move will take some months to complete, with developers and Moodle HQ personnel eventually doing six month rotational shifts on the Antarctic Moodle Base.

The team at Moodle HQ are a little apprehensive about the change of scenery but nonetheless excited about Moodle’s cool new direction.

Happy April Fools!