Moodle Workplace offers a variety of customisation options, including the ability to create custom pages. Custom pages allow you to add read-only customised pages to the primary navigation, tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation. With Moodle Workplace’s user-friendly page editor, you can easily create and edit custom pages.

Here the Workplace admin toggles the Workplace launcher to the left of their profile in order to navigate to Custom pages.

Moodle Workplace 4 custom pages Image

From Custom pages we can access any existing pages, for example the new global My teams page, available to all tenants. 

Moodle Workplace 4 custom pages edit Image

From New page we can create a new page. The admin first has to decide if it is to be a global page or a tenant page. A tenant page only applies to the current tenant. While a Workplace admin can create both global pages for the site and tenant pages, a tenant administrator doesn’t have the option to create global pages.

Moodle Workplace 4 new global page Image

The ‘Name’ is the page heading and will be shown in the primary navigation (at the top of the site) unless we choose a different text in ‘Title’. The weight defines the order in which the custom pages will display – pages with lower numbers display before pages with higher numbers along the top. 

Moodle Workplace 4 new global page weight Image

Once the page is saved, we enable Edit mode on the top right and then from the Content tab click Edit page.

Moodle Workplace 4 edit page Image

Here you can add blocks in a similar way to the dashboard, except that unlike with a dashboard, users can’t change these blocks. From Reports, you can select a report to display and with a text block, you can add text and other media. 

Moodle Workplace 4 add a block Image

 Blocks appear in the centre but can also be dragged to the block drawer on the right.

Moodle Workplace 4 add a block Image

From Audience we can define who can see this page – for example, all users or those with a specific role or job assignment.


Moodle Workplace 4 audiences Image

The Access tab displays the names of those who can see the page.

Moodle Workplace 4 custom pages access Image

Existing pages can be managed from the gear icon and their position in the navigation can be changed from the Weight dropdown. Note that unlike with the dashboard, these changes are reflected immediately in users’ view of the pages.


Moodle Workplace 4.0 Custom Pages 2 36 screenshot Image

In conclusion, Moodle Workplace custom pages allow you to add read-only customised pages in the primary navigation. Global pages are visible to all tenants and Tenant pages are visible to one tenant only. A new custom page, My Teams is also available. Moodle Workplace custom pages allow you to provide your learners with a personalised and engaging learning experience that aligns with your organisation’s goals and values.