Enhance online learning with Moodle 3.9

June 15, 2020 By Júlia Verdaguer

The newest release of our Moodle LMS focuses on enhancements to streamline the teaching, learning and admin experience.

Earlier this month, we highlighted some of the new features of Moodle 3.9, including the integration of H5P as a standard Moodle activity and the new Course Copy feature. 

So what other exciting features can you expect to see in Moodle 3.9?

Make eLearning more accessible for your users

Making our LMS more accessible is one of our main goals. For Moodle 3.9, we requested an accessibility audit of 20 of the most used pages in Moodle, including the Dashboard and many of the Activities, as well as aspects of the Gradebook. The audit was conducted at student, teacher and admin level, and has allowed us to identify and fix accessibility issues on these pages.

Find and add activities to your courses more easily

The Activity and Resource chooser has a completely new and customisable user interface – including the option for Moodle administrators to ‘recommend’ useful or frequently needed activities or resources, which will show up in the new ‘Recommended’ tab for teachers. They can also ‘star’ their favourite activities and resources to find them quicker in the new ‘Starred’ tab.

Narrow your participant filter results and quickly view the data you want

We’ve improved the filtering functionality in our Participants page so that you can easily sort and filter the students in your courses. The new, more advanced search queries and logical operators (‘and’,  ‘or’, ‘not’) allow you to narrow your filtering to show you exactly the participants you’re looking for. The performance of the page has also been improved, which means your filtered results will show up a lot faster. This improvement has been fostered and funded by the Moodle Users Association.

Create controlled assessment environments

New integration with the open source lockdown browser Safe Exam Browser enables teachers to easily set up a controlled environment for students to take quizzes, preventing students from accessing external websites or other applications while on the assessment. This project is a result of a collaboration between 8 universities, Moodle Premium Partner Catalyst and Moodle HQ, and we’ll be talking some more about it here soon.

Dedicated to teachers worldwide

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced schools around the world to switch to fully teaching online and has seen many educators going the extra mile, even more than they usually do, and dealing with huge challenges to ensure that their students can continue learning online. By dedicating Moodle 3.9 to all these teachers, we want to acknowledge their commitment and thank them for continuing the education of our children all around the world. 

See Moodle 3.9 in action in our highlight video

Do you want to try Moodle 3.9 on your site? Download it today or get in touch with one of our Moodle Partners to help you update your site.