GAC Corporate Academy

June 29, 2015 By Moodle

The GAC Group is a global shipping, logistics and marine service provider, based in the UAE and serving customers in more than 300 offices and 40 countries around the world. Bengt Lindwall, the Group founder, established GAC in 1956 on the basis of what he called the “GAC Spirit”. This was, and continues to be, a corporate culture focusing on excellence in our relationships between partners, employees and customers. The GAC Spirit establishes that the biggest asset of the company is its people, but with a workforce of more than 10,000 people spread around the world, GAC was presented with a unique set of learning and development opportunities.

GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) was established in 2007 to achieve the company’s learning and growth objectives. As a pioneer in eLearning-based corporate academies, GCA was faced with the challenge of developing an effective corporate learning programme from scratch. This included:

  • Aligning and continuously evolving the learning and development programme with Group strategy.
  • Measuring the contribution of learning programmes to improved work performance.
  • The use of social constructivism in a corporate environment to establish an effective learning organisation culture.
  • Establishment of course design and development processes that gain senior stakeholder buy-in and support while enabling rapid course development.
  • Building learning programmes based on a solid learning management system that is flexible enough to evolve

Moodle has provided a strong foundation for GCA’s courses since 2007 and its flexibility, support and continuous development have meant that it remains as useful and relevant to learning requirements.

GCA’s focus has always been on developing GAC-specific courses with a high level of buy-in from senior management in line with Group strategy and the needs of our learners. It makes use of the latest in Moodle technology for course delivery and places strong emphasis on the measurement of impact of our courses to continually assess the effectiveness and relevance of our courses.

Moodle has worked particularly well at supporting GCA’s corporate courses for a number of important reasons.

“The journey from GCA’s start just seven years ago to where we are today has been an incredible one… In that time we have seen both the learning culture of GAC as a multinational organisation Our ISO 29990 certification is important to us because it sets where we have reached today as a benchmark of quality standards from which to continually innovate and improve over the coming years in order to continue to fulfil our commitment to deliver the learning strategies of our customers.” – Damien O’Donoghue, General Manager, GAC Corporate Academy

Download the white paper on the GAC Learn story of Moodle