Moodle HQ at EduTECH

May 29, 2018 By Mary Cooch

EduTECH Australia 2018 is Australasia’s largest annual education event, featuring thousands of participants across multiple conferences, masterclasses and networking functions, plus a massive interactive trade show.

This year Moodle HQ will be attending EduTECH!

We speak to our Partnerships Manager, Garnet Berry, about what to expect:

Moodle HQ: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today about Moodle’s involvement at EduTECH Australia 2018. Can we kick things off with you telling us a bit about the event and why Moodle HQ are choosing to participate?

Garnet: Thanks. The Moodle HQ team is excited to be taking part in EduTECH Australia 2018.  Attending this conference as Moodle HQ is part of a new strategy where we will be directly involved with key Education Technology Conferences across the globe.  

In the past, Moodle would have been represented at conferences through our Moodle Partner Network.  This new initiative of having our own stand is simply to have an opportunity to speak with conference delegates about the latest and greatest of Moodle.

The EduTECH Australia is an exciting Expo which happens to be in one of our key territories, since  Australia is where Moodle was started.  

Moodle HQ: So what can Moodlers and  potential Moodle users look forward to at EduTECH?

Garnet: Those attending this conference can come by the stand to find out about the past, present, and future of our open source project.  We will also be sharing information on what services and support are available and where to find these.

We will be offering some demonstrations on stand to show what Moodle has been working on to empower educators to improve our world.  There will also be an opportunity to meet the person who first started Moodle.

Moodle HQ: EduTECH attendees will also have the opportunity to meet members of our services team, like you! How can you empower educators to achieve their goals?

Garnet: Yes, I along with other staff members will be available onsite throughout the conference sharing ideas about how educators and organisations can achieve their goals via Moodle.  

One of our main messages will be sharing how Moodle has a strong community along with an extensive list of Moodle Partners from around the globe to provide services and support locally.  If interested in finding out more please come by the stand or visit

Moodle HQ: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today Garnet, we just have one more question left. After reading this interview, many Moodlers may want to get involved. How can they do this?

Garnet:  Thanks. As stated previously we are very much looking forward to speak with many attendees in person in Sydney. Please get involved by:

    • visiting Moodle HQ on stand 1008 at EduTECH Australia 2018.
    • joining Martin, Moodle HQ staff and other Moodlers for a informal dinner on Thurs June 7th. (More information will be shared on social media)
    • extending our invite to your peers and colleagues who might be interested in finding out more about our open source learning platform.)