We are proud to share that Moodle has taken home nine new G2 badges for Spring 2023! We have been named a Winner in the categories of 2023 Best Estimated ROI, 2023 Fastest Implementation, and 2023 Highest User Adoption.

The opinion of the Moodle community is hugely important to us; we thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback and are thrilled to see this positively reflected in our latest G2 badges. 

What are G2 badges?

G2 is a highly trusted source for software reviews, used by over 60 million people. The platform combines verified customer reviews, social media opinions, and other online data to help businesses and professionals find software solutions to fit their needs. A G2 badge is a recognition of excellence, indicating that a company has consistently delivered exceptional quality and service. Additionally, the badges are based on authentic peer reviews, so you can trust that the rankings reflect the quality of the products and services. 

Moodle’s newest G2 badges

We are delighted to be adding new additions to our previous badges awarded in the Report for Winter 2023, including the G2 The Users Love us badge, and being a Winner of the G2 2023 Best Software Awards. 

In the latest G2 Report for Spring 2023, Moodle has been awarded the following badges: 

  • Winner in 2023 Best Estimated ROI for Training Management Systems (overall for Spring and Enterprise categories)
  • Winner in 2023 Fastest Implementation for Training Management Systems (Small Business and Mid-Market categories)
  • Winner in 2023 Highest User Adoption for Training Management Systems and Ethics and Compliance Learning (Small Business and Mid-Market categories)
  • Leader in 2023 High Satisfaction and Market Presence for Learning Management Systems (overall for Spring, Mid-Market categories, and Enterprise)

As an open-source learning management system, the user experience is key to our mission to empower educators. The G2 badges and awards mark our ongoing efforts to cater to the needs of learners and educators, helping them to make a positive impact on education across the globe. 

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