Moodle in Norway

March 23, 2016 By Moodle

The National Centre of Expertise for Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (NAKOS) has become one of the remarkable success stories for Moodle in Norway, thanks to the help of Moodle Partner, eFaktor.

NAKOS is a central node in Norway’s nationwide emergency medical education, expertise and research networks. The company aims to educate and foster best possible emergency medical practices in pre-hospital emergency situations. NAKOS provide stand alone courses to complement existing medical training schedules together with programs to give students approved credits for further medical education.

NAKOS implemented Moodle in 2009 and has since seen a steady increase in its database to over 30,000 users. The number of users is expected to be almost doubled in the first half of 2016 with the completion of a comprehensive national interagency course.

The custom Moodle for the NAKOS project has been designed and built as a sharing tool, primarily for emergency medical services outside hospitals, but also for national pooling projects between fire, police and health departments. This kind of collaboration, using Moodle as a sharing tool, is the first of this kind in Norway.

The Moodle site is used as the NAKOS training platform as well as the company homepage. This allows visitors and users to be updated with the latest information on academic news, regulations, industry reports along with upcoming events and courses.

NAKOS Project Manager, Lars Didrik Flingtorp, says that the popularity and the fast growth in the number of users has pleasantly surprised their team.

NAKOS continues to grow, and together with Moodle Partner eFaktor, have planned extensive development for their Moodle in 2016. Some of the development initiatives include a new design, creation and implementation of a custom competence management modules and the development of course management tools.

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