Here’s a little preview of what’s coming up at MoodleMoot Australia 2017

September 15, 2017 By

In just under two weeks, Moodlers will be coming together in Sydney for MoodleMoot Australia 2017.

MoodleMoots Australia are one of the biggest conferences we at Moodle HQ run and of course it is also the country of birth of Moodle (our Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas was born in Perth, Western Australia and released Moodle in the city back in 2002).

This year, we have a number of exciting things on the program – including a new masterclass by our Head of Education, Tom Murdock, a keynote address on design and technology by Dr Lian Loke, lots of exciting presentations (check some out below) and a Moodle Party!

There is still time to secure your space and join us and many Moodlers in Sydney from 26-28 September! Register your spot today.

Let’s take a closer preview of what’s coming up at MoodleMoot Australia 2017.

Masterclasses and workshops

Day one of MoodleMoot Australia 2017 is dedicated to improving skills and learning new ed-tech techniques in half-day masterclasses and workshops.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what day one of MoodleMoot Australia 2017 includes:

  • The Hackfest or “dev-jam” is a developer-only workshop which covers recent and upcoming Moodle features.
  • The Mobile Learning Masterclass will focus on mobile content, assessments, communication and Moodle Mobile strategy.
  • Educators and new Moodle users are encouraged to attend the Introduction to Moodle Masterclass, which will teach the basics of setting up a Moodle course.
  • The Moodle Course Design Masterclass, a new workshop, will consider four common learning frameworks and highly effective teaching patterns and Moodle tools for each of them.
  • The Assessment Masterclass will tackle key assessment issues and look at the options available.

Moodle HQ’s New Features Lead, Damyon Wiese, tells us what’s coming up at the Hackfest.

If you would like to discuss a certain topic with Damyon and other developers at Hackfest, submit your ideas.


Day two and three of MoodleMoot Australia 2017 will include pico and short presentations by Moodle HQ staff and the Moodle community.

Here are just some of the exciting presentations waiting for us!

The Teamwork Ecosystem in Moodle presented by Morgan Harris and John-Paul Posada (UNSW)

Following their 2016 presentation, John-Paul and Morgan will share an update on their teamwork ecosystem in Moodle on Wednesday 27 September at 12pm at Grand Ballroom 2.

Course gamification with the stash plugins presented by Adrian Greeve (Moodle HQ)

Moodle HQ’s Adrian Greeve has been interested in gamification for ten years! In his upcoming MoodleMoot Australia 2017 presentation he will share how a plugin he has been working on can help to encourage student engagement in classes. Catch him at 27 September at 12pm in Grand Ballroom 1.

Virtual Reality in Moodle presented by John Okely (Moodle HQ)

Our very own John Okely will share how virtuality reality in Moodle can be used in the educational space, with many benefits. John is presenting on Wednesday 27 September at 2.15pm at Grand Ballroom 1.

Moodle Sub-courses for Dummies presented by Richard Wallace (Chemlearn)

A Moodle user for 15 years, Richard Wallace will share an overview of how to use the Moodle sub-courses tool in his MoodleMoot Australia presentation, find him in the Hyde Park Room, 27 September, 2:45 pm.

Transforming Lives by Transforming our LMS interface presented by Emily Takayama and Divya Srinivas (Monash College)

Emily and Divya will show us how Monash College used Moodle to create and engaging learning which attracts both staff and students. Catch them on Thursday 28 September at 2.45pm in Grand Ballroom 2

Want to know what else is coming up and still be part of the action? You can check out our full event program on our website, follow @moodlemootau on Twitter or use the #MootAU17 to search for the latest news and updates.

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