Moodle’s latest Certified Partner Knowledge Beam supports Moodle users in Jordan and the MENA region

Knowledge Beam

Recognised for providing excellent support services for Moodle within the MENA region, Moodle is thrilled to announce Knowledge Beam as the latest Moodle Partner to join the Certified Partner Network. A technology services and solutions company based in Jordan, Knowledge Beam has been in the eLearning industry for more than 6 years.

“As a Certified Moodle Partner in Jordan, we are now in a position to effectively assist organisations with technical support and training while using Moodle, the world’s most widely used Learning Management System. Most universities within the MENA region rely on Moodle to facilitate the learning experience. Especially now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Moodle platform is helping to overcome the challenges organisations face when making the switch to online learning, as they recognise it is no longer a privilege but essential for schools, universities and education institutions.” ​ – Mohammed Al-Wakid- Managing Director, Knowledge Beam

Knowledge Beam recognises that a lack of infrastructure within schools and universities in the MENA region can render them ill-equipped for distance learning. Systems may crash during an exam or when there’s a large number of students registering online. Knowledge Beam provide an all-in-one platform for educational institutions like these, with safeguards to protect against problems that are all too common these days.

Many universities in Jordan have been using Moodle for many years. Knowledge Beam works closely with institutions to cater to their requirements by making improvements, adding features and making tools easier for faculty and students.

Knowledge Beam has worked with the regional Ministry of Education in a pilot program for robotics including training teachers and students coding skills, and they’ve also been involved in the first vocational training platform in the MENA region by providing consulting and development services. Knowledge Beam is developing VR and AR training for software development in vocational fields and aviation training.

“We are excited about welcoming Knowledge Beam to the Moodle Partner ecosystem in Jordan. We have full confidence they will play an important role in the region, expanding on Moodle knowledge, enhancing Moodle functionalities and use-cases, by adding all of their expertise not only in the product, but also within content development and the latest techniques of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.” – Jose Marcos Lopez-Rios, EMEA Channel Manager, Moodle

Knowledge Beam’s key clients include universities, training centres and corporate organisations that receive support in development, integration, courseware (including digitising courses for the workplace) plus support and training services.

About the Partner
Founded in 2015, Knowledge Beam has partnerships with leading local and international partners enabling them to implement and deliver complex business and technology solutions.

Knowledge Beam provides the latest technologies to assist and enhance knowledge distribution training, eLearning and eContent and offer a variety of robotics and curriculum students of all ages.

Knowledge Beam are currently working in VR & AR technologies, taking LMS to another level, allowing teachers to teach their students on risky chemistry & physics experiments, human anatomy, health and safety training, and many more. Furthermore, they are working on integrating VR and AR with the LMS in order to give teachers the ability to observe their student’s reaction in real-time. As trainees tend to learn much better when they have a visual insight and perform tasks with a step by step hands-on training.

To find out more about their services, visit Knowledge Beam’s Partner Profile. You can stay up to date with their latest news by following them on ​LinkedIn​, ​Twitter​, Instagram and Facebook​.

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