Long term US edtech experts – My Learning Consultants – partners with the world’s open source learning platform

Today, Moodle – the world’s open source learning platform – welcomes My Learning Consultants – a team of passionate learning technologists in the US – as a Certified Moodle Partner, to provide expert support services.

Moodle and edtech knowledge to the US market, with a focus on assisting organisations of all shapes and sizes to leverage the open source learning software to meet their organisational goals.

Jonathan Moore, co-director at My Learning Consultants, outlined the unique and fresh approach that the company brings to the table when it comes to providing organisations with Moodle support services.

“Where other companies have rules to tell you no, we have rules to tell you yes, meaning that if you have a need, then we see it as our job to help you meet it.”

True to Moodle’s mission of “empowering educators to improve our world,” My Learning Consultants practises a philosophy that people learn best when they have an opportunity to create and learn together.

Michelle Moore, co-founder of My Learning Consultants, explains “We apply this ideal to the courses we create as well as to the design and development process in that we prefer to work collaboratively, as partners with our clients.”

As a Certified Moodle Partner, My Learning Consultants will be applying both their innovative approach and collaborative philosophy to help organisations in the US create exceptional online learning experiences.

The company also recently released, in beta stage, a product that will assist Moodle users to overcome struggles with the technical requirements needed to implement and maintain a mission-critical Moodle site.

“For us, Moodle is much more than software,” said Jonathan.

“Moodle represents a philosophy, a community, and a vision for education. Moodle has been a huge part of our lives for the past 15 years.”

“Becoming a Moodle Partner is an amazing milestone for My Learning Consultants. I am proud of our team’s work in this achievement and I think we are doing it in a way that brings something new and unique to the market,” commented Jonathan.

Gavin Henrick, Business Development Manager and Head of the Partners Team at Moodle HQ, welcomes Jonathan and his team at My Learning Consultants to the Moodle Partner Network, saying: “Welcome Jonathan and his dedicated team as our new Certified Moodle Partner in the US.”

“We are pleased to have My Learning Consultants’ many years of experience and expertise in edtech and Moodle as part of our Partnership network.”
“We look forward to working with the My Learning Consultants team to continue advancing our mission of empowering educators to improve our world by facilitating the delivery of accessible and quality education,” said Gavin.


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About Moodle
Moodle, the world’s open source learning platform, allows educators to create a private space online filled with tools for collaborative learning for K-12, higher education and workplaces . First released in 2001 by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle is now used in every country in the world. Moodle is a key part of operations for leading education institutions such as Open University (UK), Ulm University (Germany), Monash and Columbia (USA), Shanghai International University (China), Mumbai University (India), as well as big organisations such as the United Nations, World Vision International and the US Defence force.

Moodle’s open source project and development is supported by its global community of users and network of certified Moodle Partners, who offer a range of tailored Moodle services and support.

To join Moodle’s mission to empower educators to improve our world and for more information, visit https://moodle.com

About My Learning Consultants
My Learning Consultants offers a collection of services designed to help organizations of all shapes and sizes leverage the unique capabilities of Moodle. They work with clients in all phases of the instructional design process including program design and review and implementation support. They also provide training with a pedagogical focus.
My Learning Consultants offers a broad range of technical services, including infrastructure design, scaling, and assessment; system integrations; and custom development. For more information please visit: http://mylearningconsultants.com

My Learning Consultants also invite Moodle users to explore their new unHosting product – a solution designed to help organisations take advantage of Moodle’s open source nature without the technical complexities involved in the implementation and maintenance of a Moodle site. For access to our beta release visit: http://mylearningconsultants.com/unhosting

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