Playful learning with the Ludic plugin

April 8, 2021 By Mary Cooch

One of the many advantages of Moodle as an open source LMS is the variety of contributed plugins which add extra functionality to the standard platform. These plugins are developed not just by our own core developers but by our global community which also includes our certified Moodle Partners. Moodle Partners benefit from a wide ranging client base which gives them an insight not only into how Moodle is used, but also how it can be improved. 

This month we look at an innovative gamified online course format, Ludic, developed by our Moodle Partner Edunao.


How is Ludic set up?

Once installed in your Moodle site, the Ludic course format will be available from the course settings, in the Course format section:

Once in the course with the editing turned on you can already see the graphical interface which will make the experience more fun for students. You can add extra sections or activities by clicking the appropriate words:

The “Useful links” dropdown offers a quick way to navigate through sections, and for those familiar with code, it also offers the possibility to customise the graphics.


How does it work?

Each time student Hans accesses his French course, he can immediately see his progress in the various areas. See how the image changes as the completion percentage rises!

Hans clicks into a section to continue work. Once again the tasks are represented graphically:

And when Hans completes a section, he reaches the pinnacle of success!

Why use the Ludic plugin?

Developed by Moodle Partner Edunao following a project with education researchers and high school teachers, the value of the Ludic plugin is backed up by research and feedback from over 500 students. Read more in the article Adaptive Gamification to improve learner motivation and then why not try gamifying your course yourself the Ludic way?

You can download the Ludic plugin from our Moodle Plugins directory.


Moodle plugins are add-ons that you can install to your Moodle platform to add a specific feature, functionality or even appearance to your Moodle site. Only Moodle administrators can add plugins to a Moodle site – so if you are a teacher and would like to try one, talk to your Admin