Support your learners using Inspire analytics in Moodle 3.4

November 23, 2017 By

We’re pleased to announce that Inspire analytics is now a part of Moodle 3.4 core!

You may have heard about Inspire analytics in our interview with Moodle HQ’s Research Analyst, Elizabeth Dalton, or by watching a presentation or masterclass.

However, for those who don’t know Inspire well, it is our open source solution to learning analytics, which allows educators to see descriptive and predictive data analysis to inform them of their learners’ progress.

Not only can this assist educators in making decisions and providing the right level of support, but it can also aid them in preventing negative outcomes, such as a learner dropping out of their Moodle course.

Lets see how Inspire works in Moodle 3.4:

Moodle 3.4 admins can now customise analytics settings and analytics models using links within their site administration.

inspire analytics

Administrators can now also view targets, such as students at risk of dropping out.
Using the “actions” menu administrators can see a variety of options of ways in which they can use the data, as displayed in the image below.

inspire analytics

An example of a way in which administrators can use the data is by clicking the “time-splitting method”, shown in the image below.

inspire analytics

In a course, teachers can access insights from the reports. Clicking “actions” allows them to see a prediction report and connect with their student by sending them a message.

inspire analytics

The addition of Inspire is just the beginning! We look forward to continue refining Inspire through user research and feedback from the entire Moodle users and community. We would like to encourage all Moodlers to provide feedback on Inspire via our forum.

To find out more about Inspire in Moodle 3.4 check out our explainer video.

Or for more information: