Track your learners’ progress using activity completion in Moodle

January 9, 2018 By

Would you like to enable your students to track their progress and manage their time for the courses they are enrolled in?

Good news! Activity completion or completion tracking, available in Moodle 3.4, lets students see their progress through their Moodle course through the use of checkboxes on the side of activities.

There are two types of checkboxes to help your students: dotted and solid.

The boxes with dotted lines are automatically ticked when a student hits a certain criteria, such as completing a quiz. Whereas the boxes with solid lines can be clicked manually by students to display that they have completed the activity.

Activity Completion in Moodle

But it’s not just students who benefit! Teachers can also access activity completion reports to check the progress of all their students in their Moodle course, as seen in the image below.

A teacher can also mark an activity complete on behalf of a student from the activity completion report using the override activity completion, which is enabled by default.

activity completion Moodle

Let’s find out how a teacher can set up activity completion within their Moodle course.

  1. First ensure that “completion tracking” is enabled sitewide. If you cannot see it ask your Moodle administrator to enable it.
  2. Once it has been enabled, click “edit settings.” You will see this when clicking on the gear icon.
  3. Then scroll down to “completion tracking” and enable it by selecting the “yes” option.
  4. Clicking “save and display” will allow you to go into an activity or resource and select a completion tracking criteria.
  5. To do this, you must click into the course you want to add the feature to, then click edit settings and scroll down to choose the selection criteria for activity completion.
  6. You can pick between indicating that the activity has been completed manually, or automatically based on a criteria.

However, the selection criteria differs depending on the course. For example, forums have a numerous different section criterias for the teacher to pick between.

To find out more watch our Learn Moodle explainer video below, or check out the documentation on