Ways to try Moodle

January 7, 2016 By Moodle

Moodle is a secure learning management system that can be customised for any course or teaching method you choose. Its feature-rich learning platform can provide active and accessible learning experiences, save time, and improve teaching, training, and learner outcomes. 

Try Moodle in the following ways:

  1. Watch our Moodle LMS or Moodle Workplace latest release product videos to see a walkthrough of our eLearning platforms. Sign up to Moodle’s YouTube channel for the latest updates.
  2. Get started with Moodle LMS via our standard hosted MoodleCloud solution that’s ready to go with Moodle’s most popular features built in. Learn what you can do ‌with our free trial or sign up to a plan.
  3. Explore our demo sites for Moodle LMS, Mount Orange School or our Sandbox site. 

Mount Orange is a fully loaded playground to try as a teacher, manager, student, parent, or Privacy Officer.

Like the empty sand pit in the playground, Moodle’s Sandbox demo allows users to build and create learning environments in an empty version of Moodle to experience its capabilities. This hands-on exploration of Moodle provides a sense of user-interface design within the latest stable version of Moodle.

The Mount Orange school and sandbox sites are reset to a blank state every hour, on the hour, which allows anyone to alter, add or remove items on the platform and return to a clean slate every sixty minutes.

  • If you are planning to host Moodle LMS yourself, you can download and install the latest version of open source Moodle LMS on your own server.
  • Need a Moodle site with advanced features for employee training?  Get a demo of Moodle Workplace from a Moodle Certified Premium Partner.

Need more help?

Moodle Certified Partners and Service Providers will transform Moodle into an LMS that meets your unique needs.