Moodle US partners with Poodll, a premier language learning solution

June 17, 2022 By Kit Germeroth

Moodle US has signed a partnership with Poodll, a premier audio and video recording and language learning solution for Moodle. Poodll provides specialized software for Moodle in two main packages, Poodll Media and Poodll Languages.

Poodll Media is a suite of activities and tools that add advanced audio/video playback and recording features to online courses. Thousands of schools and organizations use Poodll Media applications daily to give students speaking practice, document competence, support remote students and create lesson content.

Poodll Languages provides teachers with a toolkit of powerful applications specially designed for language learning. These activities feature speaking, word learning, oral reading, pronunciation and more. Moodle teachers, with the help of Poodll, can deliver great language lessons that other systems can not match.

Jonathan Moore, Head of Moodle US, says, “Poodll offers a fantastic suite of products for language organizations and any instructor who wants to leverage audio and video in their online courses. We’re excited to be able to offer this functionality to current and future customers.” 

“We have worked closely with members of the Moodle US team for a long time and are excited to continue to work together to provide cost effective language solutions for US students,” says Justin Hunt, Head of Poodll. “Moodle US’s commitment to open source and our shared values are a cornerstone of our relationship. I think we can look forward to a series of great projects, big and small.”

About Poodll

Poodll is a Japan based provider of Moodle addons and services. They are a Moodle certified integration and are used by training organizations, universities, language schools, companies and high schools worldwide.Poodll has been developing software for Moodle since 2011 and they love doing free online demos.

About Moodle US

As a Moodle-owned entity, Moodle US provides advanced skills and services to enable customers to build the best online learning experiences in the world. Our team of experts will work with you to identify your unique needs whether you are seeking support with hosting, course design, custom development, or anything in between. Scale your level of support and service to suit your specific requirements.

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