About MoodleCloud

What is MoodleCloud?

MoodleCloud is a a hosting service provided by the people who make Moodle, where you can get a fully-hosted Moodle site (we call it a MoodleCloud site). After signing up, you will have access to your MoodleCloud Portal for managing your account and your site, with some of the community’s most popular plugins, ready to go. You can choose from several different packages, that scale according to your needs.

What is the MoodleCloud portal?

The MoodleCloud Portal is where you manage your MoodleCloud account, billing details and access statistics on the usage of your site.

To login to the MoodleCloud Portal, enter your site URL and your MoodleCloud password, which is the same as the admin password for your MoodleCloud site.

What is a MoodleCloud site?

Your MoodleCloud site is a fully hosted version of the latest version of our powerful and secure Moodle learning platform.

In your site you can create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private environment. You can create courses, provide activities and resources for learning and assessment, allow learners to complete quizzes or submit files, grade assignments and communicate with your learners.

When you sign up for a MoodleCloud site, as the site admin you can also make changes to the look and feel, create courses, add teachers and learners to courses, and communicate with everyone on the site.

Why do you keep the MoodleCloud Portal and my MoodleCloud site separate?

The MoodleCloud Portal allows you, as admin, to manage multiple plans, keeping the ‘account business’ away from the ‘learning business’. You can manage your accounts, billing details, payments and overall packages, in the portal, without interfering with teaching and learning.

What’s the difference between packages and plans?

There are currently three MoodleCloud packages: Moodle for Free, Starter and Moodle for School. Each package contains a set of features, including plugins and one or more themes.

The Moodle for School package has three plans, each with a different user and data allowance, but otherwise they all have the same features. See Moodle.com/cloud for further details.

How many MoodleCloud sites can I have?

You can have one Moodle for Free site AND as many Starter or Moodle for School sites as you want to pay for. You can see all your sites listed in your MoodleCloud Portal.

What technical things do I need for the best MoodleCloud experience?

We highly recommend that you have the latest version of our supported browsers, and have cookies enabled. Note that for many Moodle features to work, you will need to have Javascript enabled.

What browsers are supported by MoodleCloud services?

MoodleCloud supports the most recent versions of

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

Signing up for a MoodleCloud site

How do I sign up?

Signing up for MoodleCloud is pretty straight forward. First, select your desired package and follow the prompts to complete the signup form. For paid packages (Starter and Moodle for School), you will be asked to fill in your payment details and pay for the service. Within seconds, you will have access to your MoodleCloud Portal, where you can manage your account and your site, to get started with teaching and learning.

Your Portal username is your site name, and your site username will be “admin”. Your password is set by you and is the same for both.

Help! I can’t pass the “I am not a robot” reCAPTCHA test!

To prevent spam, we use Google’s reCAPTCHA test for you to prove you are a real person signing up for our service. If you are signed into Google, you should only need to click the button; if not you will need to do their test. Sometimes, as we’ve found in our testing, the Google reCAPTCHA test can get stuck. As this is beyond our control, we suggest you restart your device and try again.

Why didn’t I receive my verification SMS/email?

If you are signing up for a Moodle for Free account, an SMS is sent to you with a verification code. Firstly, check that you have entered the correct mobile/cell phone number. If the number you have entered is correct, then your phone number may be on a ‘do not call’ listing. You will need to contact your phone service provider to change your details.

If you are signing up for a paid package, such as Starter or Moodle for School, an email is sent to you with a verification code. Firstly, check that you have entered the correct email address. If the email address you have entered is correct, then the message may have gone to your spam folder. If you’re unsure, wait 15 minutes and try again, being sure that the correct email address is added.

Can I choose my own MoodleCloud site web address?

Yes – you are prompted to choose a name for your MoodleCloud site during signup eg yourchoice.moodlecloud.com for Moodle for Free and Starter sites or yourchoice.moodle.school for Moodle for School sites.

We don’t support other types of addresses, if you want something more custom you should talk one of our Moodle Partners.

Why am I having trouble with the payment?

First, make sure have put in the correct details. If they are correct, check that you are using a compatible browser: the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

I’m in the middle of signing up and I want to change my plan.

Just start again! Go back to moodlecloud.com (As long as you haven’t already paid, of course!)


About logging in to MoodleCloud

What if I forget my password or want to change it?

If you forget or want to change your password (for both your MoodleCloud site or portal), you can do this via your MoodleCloud site login screen or the MoodleCloud Portal login if you are the site admin user.

MoodleCloud site login screen

First, go to your site login screen.

  • Moodle for Free and Starter site URLs have this format: [yoursitename].moodlecloud.com.
  • Moodle for School site URLs have this format: [yoursitename].moodle.school.

Second, locate the link: forgotten your username or password?

You will be redirected to a page that asks you to enter your username or email address. Once you’ve entered your information an email will be sent to the email address you registered with, instructing you on how to change your password.


MoodleCloud portal login

First, go to https://moodlecloud.com/portal

Second, click the link Forgot your password?

You will then be redirected to a page that asks you to enter your MoodleCloud site name. Once you’ve entered this an email will be sent to the admin users email address, instructing you on how to change your password.

It’s important to remember if you are the site admin user, a password reset applies to the admin user on your MoodleCloud site and the portal login. They will always have the same password.

How do I log in to my MoodleCloud site?

To log in to your MoodleCloud site, go directly to your site URL. Remember your site could be:

  • [yoursitename].moodlecloud.com (Moodle for Free and Starter sites’ URL format).
  • [yoursitename].moodle.school (Moodle for School sites’ URL format).

When you reach your site’s login screen, you will need to enter your username and password.

The username you enter depends on what type of Moodle user you are:

  • The site owner (who signed up for this site) has the username: admin
  • All other users (teachers, students, etc) have unique usernames – typically one provided by your site admin.

Enter your password. To keep things simple, your MoodleCloud site and portal passwords are synchronised. Therefore, use the same password to log in to your Moodle site and the portal.

How do I log in to the MoodleCloud portal?

Logging in to MoodleCloud portal is something only account owners can do. Go to moodlecloud.com and locate the login button (in the top right hand corner). Your username is your Moodle site name, not the whole site URL.

  • For example, if your Moodle site’s URL is MountOrangeSchool.moodlecloud.com just type MountOrangeSchool as the site name.

Enter your password. To keep things simple, your MoodleCloud site and portal passwords are synchronised. Therefore, use the same password to log in to your Moodle site and the portal.


Upgrading or changing your MoodleCloud site

Can I upgrade/change my package or plan?

Yes. You can easily upgrade your current plan at any time. Once you upgrade, moving to a smaller plan is not possible.

To upgrade/change your package or plan:

  1. Log in to your portal and select the plan that best suits your needs.
  2. Confirm your payment details to complete your purchase.
  3. Your site will take a minute or so to upgrade.
  4. If applicable, your new users and disk space quota will be available immediately.

The amount charged will be the pro rata amount based on your renewal date.

How do I switch to use the Boost theme?

There is a new theme available in Moodle 3.2 called Boost.

MoodleCloud sites created prior to this release will not have this theme selected by default.

To switch over to this theme, follow these steps:

1. Login to your site as the admin user
2. Goto the Administration block
3. Navigate to Site Administration>Appearance>Themes>Theme selector
4. Click the “Use theme” button for the Boost theme

Your site will now be using the Boost theme.

Visit your Frontpage to get the Boost user tour, this will help you get started using the new theme.

Can I upgrade my site from a Moodle for Free to Moodle for School site?

Yes. You can easily upgrade from a Moodle for Free package to any Moodle for School plan. Once you upgrade, moving to a smaller plan is not possible.

To upgrade/change your package or plan:

  1. Log in to your portal and select the plan that best suits your needs.
  2. Enter payment details to complete your purchase.
  3. Your upgraded site will be available within minutes.


I’ve upgraded to a Moodle for School plan, how do I update my site to use the School theme?

Moodle for School sites have access to our specially designed School theme.
When upgrading from a Moodle for Free package, this theme is not selected by default.

To enable this theme, follow these steps:

1. Login to your site as the admin user
2. Goto the Administration block
3. Navigate to Site Administration>Appearance>Themes>Theme selector
4. Click the “Use theme” button for the School theme

Your site will now be using the School theme.

We recommend you then visit your home page and select the “Customise your page” button to customise this page for your requirements.

How do I delete my MoodleCloud site?

Removing your site from MoodleCloud is simple. Log into the MoodleCloud Portal and click ‘Remove My MoodleCloud Site’ (you’ll find this button at the bottom of the page). You also first might want to create course backups in case you want to come back.

How do I remove one of my MoodleCloud sites?

Login to your MoodleCloud Portal and in the Tools tab for the site you wish to delete, click on the button to “Remove my MoodleCloud site”. If you have more than one site, double check to make sure you have the right site showing in the Package tab. If not, select the right one from the drop down menu.

I don’t want my add-on or paid package/site anymore, can I have a refund?

We are unable to provide refunds for partial use of a site or add-on. Once you cancel a paid add-on or a full paid package, you will continue to have use of the feature until your recurring payment due date, at that point it will be deactivated.


About MoodleCloud accounts

I’ve forgotten what I called my site, how do I find it?

You can find your site details in the welcome email you were sent when you first set it up.

If you login to your MoodleCloud Portal using your site name as the login name and your MoodleCloud password, all of the sites within your account are listed there by name.

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Use the “Forgot password” button on the login page for your MoodleCloud site, just as you would do for any Moodle site. This will also reset the password you use on the MoodleCloud Portal. They are always kept the same.


Billing and payments

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or Paypal.

How do I change my billing details?

To change your billing details, login to your MoodleCloud Portal and click on the Billing tab for the relevant site.

What if my recurring payment fails?

Your payment may have failed for a number of reasons. You may want to check with your credit card provider to ensure your card is still valid. You can update your billing details in the Portal.

We will re-attempt to deduct the payment again in three days time. If your payment declines again on the re-attempt, your subscription will stop.

For the Moodle for Free hide ads add-on, if a subscription fails, then ads will again be shown to students. You can always re-subscribe to this service at any time if you wish to hide ads again.

For our paid package options, your service is suspended. Your teachers and learners will not be able to access the MoodleCloud site while it is suspended. It can be restarted on a successful payment for up to 60 days.

Why does GST appear on my invoice?

GST means “Goods and Services Tax”. A GST field appears on every invoice, however the tax is applicable only to Australian residents. If you are outside Australia you will not be charged GST for MoodleCloud purchases.

Why did a $1 transaction appear on my bank statement?

When you set up a payment account with MoodleCloud, we send an authorisation charge of $1 to verify that the card you have nominated is issued and the bank will allow payment. The payment request is reversed immediately and no funds are deducted from your account, however, the transaction may appear on your bank statement for a few days.


About MoodleCloud sites

Does MoodleCloud allow plugins?

We have a lot of plugins already installed.

Moodle for Free sites are designed to be easy to use, and come with the standard MoodleCloud theme More. Your site is preconfigured with the plugins that are made available in the standard Moodle version. Also included is an integrated the open source web conferencing System, BigBlueButton.

Starter sites include the same plugins as Moodle for Free sites and also come with the popular and very useful Custom Certificate plugin allowing you to reward students with certificates through your courses.

Moodle for School sites come with the most popular and Moodle plugins, that will cover the needs of most Educators. The current list of provided plugins is available at https://moodle.com/cloud/school. Keep an eye on the list as it will grow, and we always appreciate feedback and suggestions, so let us know if you think a certain plugin would benefit Moodle for School users.

If you require specific plugins for your Moodle site, contact one of our Moodle Partners to discuss your custom hosting needs.

What plugins are provided in my MoodleCloud site?

Plugins and additional features are described in https://moodle.com/cloud/

Can I add extra plugins to my Moodle for School site?

We identify and provide for you a select range of Moodle plugins on our site template. However, you are unable to add your own plugins.

Why are some features in my MoodleCloud site disabled?

MoodleCloud is designed with an optimal User Experience in mind, so, in order to make it simpler to use, we have disabled some features and options that may be available in a self-hosted Moodle install.

Why can’t I find my site?

Moodle for Free – Check to see that you have input the name correctly. You may have typed the name differently to when you signed up, so check the registration email we sent when you signed up, or login to your Portal. If your site has been inactive for more than 60 days, it may have been removed in order to maintain a vibrant and active system for all users. If this happened, you should have received an email message using the number you provided us well before the site was removed.

Starter and Moodle for School – Check to see that you have input the name correctly. You may have typed the name differently to when you signed up, so check the registration email we sent when you signed up, or login to your Portal. If you’ve only just signed up, it may not be ready yet, so wait until you receive a confirmation email before visiting your site. Other possibilities are that your recurring annual payment might have failed, and your account may be suspended.

Why can’t I add more users?

We have set  limit of users for each MoodleCloud plan. If you need a site with more users then we recommend you sign up to a different plan OR if you have grander plans, then talk to your Moodle Partner about hosting your own installation. You can find your Moodle Partner in the support tab of your MoodleCloud Portal.

Why can’t I upload any more files?

Our MoodleCloud plans have strict limits. The limits depend on your package and plan moodlecloud.com.

Some things you can do to keep your disk usage low:

  • Host files on Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud or other web sites, and then link to them in Moodle using a Resource URL
  • Host your videos on Youtube.  Any link to your videos will be automatically and seamlessly embedded in a course in your MoodleCloud site
  • Think about linking/embedding existing websites for your content instead of redeveloping it all from scratch.
  • Use Page and Book Resources in Moodle instead of uploading PDFs.
  • Keep the quota for individual users down to something low, to encourage small files.

Can I export my entire site?

Yes. Login to your MoodleCloud Portal, and in the Tools tab, there is an export button. It is a bit technical at the moment, so you may wish to enlist the help of your Moodle Partner.

I have a question about using my MoodleCloud site.

If you want to learn more about Moodle and teaching and learning in Moodle, you can

  • Watch our complimentary tutorial (accessible from within the Moodle site front page)
  • Review the official Moodle Docs, (or, in fact, just do a websearch for any of the fabulous resources developed by the world’s Moodle community)
  • Contact your Moodle Partner (see the support tab in your MoodleCloud Portal) to organise some customised , individual training or other advanced help. This is a fee-based service.

Especially about Moodle for Free

What is the Moodle for Free site retention policy?

To maintain a vibrant and active system for all users, a Moodle for Free site that is inactive (not accessed) for more than 60 days will be removed.

If you have a Starter or Moodle for School plan, your site is retained regardless of activity for as long as you subscription is active.

Is Moodle for Free really free?

Yes! Our free option really is forever. No trials. No credit card required. Get a free Moodle site and as long as it remains active, it’s yours to keep forever.

Why are there ads on my site?

We currently rely on ads to help support us in providing you with the Moodle for Free service. If you don’t want to see ads, they can be hidden from students on your site by upgrading to Starter or a Moodle for School plan.

Can I support Moodle for Free with ad blocker software installed?

If you already have ad blocker software installed, it would be great if you could support Moodle by adding moodlecloud.com to the whitelist of domains in your ad blocker settings. This helps us to recoup some of our costs and provide a stable, high quality service.

Also note that we provide handy hints and help that actually uses Google ads as the service provider. If you use ad blocker software you may miss out on some useful information.


About BigBlueButton

What is BigBlueButton?

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning. BigBlueButton enables you to share documents (PDF and any office document), webcams, chat, audio and your desktop. BigBlueButton is an open source project, managed by Blindside Networks. More information:http://blindsidenetworks.com/

How can I access BigBlueButton in my MoodleCloud site?

Thanks to Blindside Networks, any MoodleCloud site can have up to 6 BigBlueButton users for free in any one session.

You can add a BigBlueButtonBN activity to any course.  Give it a name, description and then you are ready start a session.

Once a session is up and running, participants can join in. Simple!

Visit hello.moodle.school for a demo of how to set it up.

What is needed to run desktop sharing on BigBlueButton?

BigBlueButton requires Java 7u52 (or later). Only the presenter needs to have Java installed to share their desktop. Desktop sharing works for Mac, Unix, and PC platforms.

Can I get more users to use with BigBlueButton?

Yes. If you require more BigBlueButton users, there is now an add-on that allows you to purchase more users. The added options are available in increments of 6 for a maximum total of 30 users.

To add more BigBlueButton users, simply login to your MoodleCloud portal and click on the “Upgrade your plan and purchase add-ons” option.

NOTE: This add on option is currently only available for Starter and Moodle for School sites.

How much do additional BigBlueButton users cost?

The pricing for additional BigBlueButton users is as follows:

6 Users – $300 AUD / year

12 Users – $600 AUD / year

18 Users – $900 AUD / year

24 Users – $1200 AUD / year

If you are in Australia, an additional 10% GST is applied.

A pro rata adjustment will be applied to the yearly charge for your additional BigBlueButton users to align with your annual plan renewal date.


About MoodleCloud Partners

Why was I assigned a Moodle Partner?

To keep MoodleCloud as affordable as possible, so that we can continue to grow and develop the MoodleCloud service, we outsource dedicated support to a certified Moodle Partner. A Moodle Partner is a company which can provide all the support you need – whether it be training you to use Moodle, advanced customisations, or even helping you to have a hosted service with greater capacity than MoodleCloud. Your partner is allocated based on your geographical location.

Do I have to use my assigned Moodle Partner?

No. You are free to use any Moodle Partner, and a full list is provided on our website. However, we have done the hard work in identifying local partners as a service to you.

How do I contact my MoodleCloud Partner?

Login to your MoodleCloud Portal – details for your identified Moodle Partner are provided in the Support tab.


Keeping up-to-date with the latest in MoodleCloud services

How do I subscribe to MoodleCloud customer emails?

When you are signing up to a MoodleCloud site, tick the box on the personal details page.

How do I unsubscribe from MoodleCloud customer emails?

When you receive an email from MoodleCloud, click the ‘unsubscribe’ button in the footer of the email.


General information

What are the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for MoodleCloud?

Why can’t I find an answer?

If your question is about a problem with your MoodleCloud account or free web site, please report the problem to our issues tracker at https://tracker.moodle.org/projects/CLOUD

If you have a question or need help with your Moodle site:

Contact a Moodle partner for more specific help. You can find your assigned Partner based on your location in the Support tab of your MoodleCloud Portal. If none was provided, you can identify a suitable Moodle Partner on our website. Please note this is a paid service.