Perfect for multiple classes in K-12 teaching and learning environments, Moodle for School is brimming with useful features.

In addition to the hundreds of standard features in Moodle, the Moodle for School package comes complete with additional plugins and tools for engaging, fun and interactive learning.



Keep track of student attendance in classes, lectures and tutorials.

The Attendance activity allows you to track and provide a grade for student attendance. You can set the frequency of classes, generate reports and even allow students to mark their own attendance. More info


Collaborate with others in live, online sessions.

This amazing online conferencing solution includes video, audio, whiteboards and desktop sharing for up to 6 users. Use this tool to connect in small groups for online discussions, creative brainstorming sessions or meetings. More info


Create a to-do list and watch as students complete each task.

Monitor your students’ progress as they tick off each item on the course checklist. The checklist is created by the teacher but students have the option of adding their own personal tasks and due dates to the list. More info

Chemistry editor

Help your students get ahead of their chemistry classes.

Chemistry editor includes symbols useful for full and ionic equations, isotopes, equilibrium reactions, thermochemistry and reaction kinetics. This module also includes a periodic table of the elements. More info

Group choice

Excellent for group assignments, activities or discussions.

This module allows students to enrol themselves in a group within a course. The teacher can select which groups students can choose from and the maximum number of students allowed in each group. More info

Level up!

Engage students with a gamified learning experience.

Set level checkpoints within a course and watch your students’ progress with Level Up! Learning becomes a game with this fun module that encourages development and congratulates students as they reach the next level. More info


Say goodbye to long, tedious multi-choice quizzes!

This module turns pages of tests into exciting games. Quizventure loads quiz questions from your course, the possible answers appear as space ships and students shoot the correct one to score points. More info

Word count

Display the word count to help students stay inside the word limit.

This feature allows students to keep track of the number of words in their writing, by neatly displaying the number of words in their writing. Very useful for assignments, essays and reports that have word limits. More info

Custom Certificates

Build your own certificates to reward students in your courses.

This module allows you to dynamically generate certificates based on predefined conditions set by a teacher. Design and build your own certificate templates and reward your students as they complete tasks. More info

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