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The true value of data visualization lies in its ability to help you show – not just tell – your story.

What is IntelliBoard?

IntelliBoard is the premier reporting and analytics provider for the Moodle™ LMS and a Moodle Premium Integrator – used by companies and educational institutions worldwide to inform their educational business decisions. is built to work with any LMS designed in Moodle with the goal to deliver educational data analytics to single dashboard instantly. With power to turn this analytical data into simple and easy to read reports, becomes primary reporting tool.

The IntelliBoard platform is plug-and-play, user-friendly, and provides reporting and analytics for every role, every user, and multiple perspectives for data (learner, course, site, etc). Users do not require specialized knowledge of SQL or other database controls to access IntelliBoard reports/analytics.

Find out what you can do with IntelliBoard.

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Track Results Instantly

Get to know your learners and see their learning performance results instantly.

Compare and Analyze

Compare the reported data from your Moodle and see where you need to improve your learning process.

Monitor Learning Process

Understand your Learning Management System. Explore all the reporting options available within Moodle.
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Safety as a Priority

Your data is your data. Learner reports available upon real-time requests and no data is stored outside of your LMS.

Make Decisions Instantly

Predict the learning progress of your learners by effectively comparing learner data coming from different sources.

Reports on Time

Receive reports on your own schedule and when you need them. See how Notification Center supports your learning.

Ready to get IntelliBoard with Moodle?

Ways to get IntelliBoard in your Moodle

  1. You can get this reporting and analytics plugin right now either directly from IntelliBoard;
  2. Via our Certified Moodle Partners, who will provide expert assistance for integration, training and other support services;
  3. directly from our Moodle Plugins site –