Moodle for MOOCs

Why Moodle for MOOCs?

MOOCs (massive open online courses) are free or low cost online courses that provide learners a flexible way to learn new skills, advance their career and deliver quality educational experiences at scale.

Why Moodle for MOOCs?

Performs at scale

The M in MOOC stands for “massive” and Moodle is capable of handling installations featuring hundreds of thousands of users accessing resources and learning and interacting simultaneously.

Enhanced content delivery

The Moodle platform allows instructors or educators to cater for learning preferences through a variety of text-based and audio-visual interactive activities, features and plugins.

Better communication, collaboration, & support

Learners can collaborate in developing and demonstrating their knowledge via chat, forums, wikis and multi-modal formative and summative assessments.

Open-source technology

You’re in control with Moodle LMS. From data ownership, privacy and security to setting up the look & feel of your Moodle MOOC site and adding extra functionality to it.

Accessible for all

Moodle is developed in line with WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards. Our integrated content accessibility checkers help you build courses with full support for all learners.


When it comes to privacy, our built-in tools allow you to manage privacy policies and data to meet your local legislation requirements.

Accommodate different languages

With all languages installed on site, learners can access the interface in their own language, recognised by Moodle from the users’ browser.

Streamlined enrolments and certifications

Utilise Moodle’s features and plugins to streamline course sign up, automate certifications and award certificates.

Large Scale Peer

Assessment of huge numbers of participants can be done with Moodle’s powerful peer assessment tool.

Ready to go?

Get Moodle up and running via our Certified Service Provider Network, MoodleCloud, or direct download.

Need advice?

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